Super Soakers are the New Foam Sprays

Post by Mark

Why do we NEED to spray each other during National Day? What happened to the old fashioned way of hanging outside the car with flags or dancing in the middle of traffic?

Photo by Hareesh

Update: I just witnessed two incidents which kinda puts into perspective why spraying of any kind during National Day celebrations should be stopped.

I decided to walk to Marina Mall instead of taking the car to avoid traffic. While standing at an intersection with other people to cross, a car drives by with two girls I would say around 20 years old and they slow down and started spraying everyone waiting to cross the street with water.

The second incident I witnessed was on my way back home. I left Marina Mall from The One exit and there was a gang of around 8 guys walking with Super Soakers. They started spraying these three Egytian guys who were sitting on a bench outside The One minding their own business. The Egyptian guys were begging the guys to stop and the guys just kept laughing and spraying them. They soaked them completely with water and laughed and continued walking looking for new prey.

This is not normal.

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  1. zaydoun says:

    Nobody knows how or when this fucked up “tradition” started and why it won’t die already. When you think about it, the people who first did it are probably parents now and they’re out there with their kids!!

    As a Kuwaiti, I continue to be confused and appalled!

    • tintin says:

      @zaydoun – it is because your MOI allows it. Enforce laws and people will behave.

      • zaydoun says:

        we’ve already established that MOI is ineffective… the question is why do it in the first place? what does it have to do with Independence/Liberation?

      • Burhan says:

        Hey Tintin i watched your Movie last night ! awesome acting… when is your next movie coming out ? XD

      • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

        Speaking of laws… The no snoking laws are not being enforced unless there are some end,arounds that business’ know about. Al Kout still allows people to smoke inside and at 360 the coffee shops in the attrium allows smoking also! What’s up with that?

    • Sunny says:

      The probem is with the PARENTS, they don’t know how to raise there kids

      In 2010 when the Foam’s where not banned, I was in a Gulf bank branch and outside the branch, witnessed 2 kids spraying foam all over a person, from his head to toe and the person was begging not to do, both the parents were just enjoying and at last just said “BACHA BACHA..”

      what bacha, will they still say bacha bacha if my kid (Indian expats) would spray foam or water all over them..

      Most kids here find fun in infecting pain & seeing helplessness of others… and that should be a worrying sign for the society, for the country..

  2. Burhan says:

    First of all thanks Mark, i learned a new word ! “Super Soakers” i call them water guns…. XD and i guess you had closed windows all the way.. hahahaha am i right ?!?

  3. TweeZ says:

    would you prefer people throwing painted powder on you like they do in India?lol
    I dont know. I think its better than foam if you ask me.
    Still, nothing beats egging!

    • Ahmed G says:

      Tweez what u r talking about is called Holi and it is a spring festival celebrated by Hindus in India, it is also known as festival of Colours which has nothing to do with Indians National Day.
      Super Soakers used for National Day in kuwait baffles me.

    • Mark says:

      In spain they have La Tomatina but people don’t go around throwing tomatoes at random people walking on the street

    • Kevin says:

      Please get your facts straight. Holi is a spring festival celebrated on one particular day. It is a public holiday. Although it is a Hindu festival, ALL communities, be they Christians or Muslims take part in the fun. We don’t go beserk with colors on any other days. Your ignorance makes me very angry. I feel sorry for the children you have or will have. Theor upbringing will lack basic humanity.

  4. ab7ag says:

    Hailag..a word commonly use to describe such individuals.

  5. Abdulaziz says:

    I heard that some kids put piss, hair removal chemical, and something that ruins the car paint.

    The issue we have is people not knowing how to have fun. People don’t know how to enjoy and celebrate.

    Kids laugh and get amused by seeing people hurt or feel inconvenience. They are not having fun for interacting with other people that laugh in return… but rather they find joy in seeing someone pissed or whatever.

    This is really scary. back when foam was allowed, kids would spray windscreen and pull the whipers out. what the hell do they want to accomplish with this? a car accident?

    On feb 24 around 9 pm I was in front of pizza hut near bidaa roundabout. There was a car flipped and burning, not sure if the passengers managed to get out. the fire was HUGE. Yet just ten meters away from it kids were chasing other people with their soakers.

    What really surpized me further than this is kids around the age of 10 and their method for selecting their ‘targets’. for some reason they choose women and girls… aren’t they too young to feel and act that way.. what the hell.

    i truly believe we have devolved as community.

    • Burhan says:

      +1 Trillion ! Salute

    • SSD says:

      This is the new Kuwaiti generation unfortunately. The ones raised by either 5adamas or parents who have no business in being parents. My sister was telling me about her divorced neighbor’s 4 year old kid throwing their diapers at a poor street cat. What shocked me was not the kid’s behavior, but the fact that he was four and still wearing diapers. A prime of today’s parenting in Kuwait. Something needs to be done about it.

    • dezrtninja says:

      “The issue we have is people not knowing how to have fun. People don’t know how to enjoy and celebrate.

      Kids laugh and get amused by seeing people hurt or feel inconvenience. They are not having fun for interacting with other people that laugh in return… but rather they find joy in seeing someone pissed or whatever.”

      ABDULAZIZ hit it right on the head. This is exactly the problem, and people take national day (and other events) to act like fools because they can get away with it like it doesn’t count.

    • Salman's PR agent says:

      +1 for fists

    • Ahmed G says:

      Some kids have to learn the hard way.

    • Longhorn in Kuwait says:

      there were idiots on motorcycles with super soakers on restaurant street! and kids in fahaheel with water balloons!

  6. Chris says:

    For whatever reason there are a large number of aggressive and irresponsible young Kuwaitis. They use National Day as an excuse for them to let loose.

  7. twitch says:

    went to work at 11:30 am on Saturday

    people were already celebrating

    It was already raining, and I mean pouring mad rain

    and there were people carrying their water guns

    Rain + water guns ???? how stupid are they ???

    any ways happy national day

  8. Roy says:

    I went today walking to Marina courts from my house (Aknan infront of Geant) I was surprised I didn’t get sprayed not even a drop. I left home at around 5:45 and took the sea-side route till I got to the courts. Coming back (9:30) I walked on the other side of the Gulf Road (Sultan’s side) it was empty. But the idea of banning foam and using Super Soakers is non-sense, kids are filling the tanks of their Super Soakers with urine and hair removal products. Foam can contents are known. Still both methods are just uncivilized.

  9. Blink says:

    So National day, eh…


    This of course, in fact, restricts our freedom to even walk outside.

    • dezrtninja says:

      You know I was thinking about this the other day, I don’t have stickers or a big Flag on my car, or my house, Im not spraying things on people, but having those things doesn’t make you love your country, they don’t make you a patriot.

      I love Kuwait, I expect MORE from it, I want the streets to shine, I want people to stop littering, I want my roads to be smoother, schools to be better, I want access to the best health care, I want the police to be proactive, I want respect for the law, I want free enterprise, I want more.

      I love my country, I am a patriot.

  10. Amu says:

    My employees complain that when in previous years they walked home in Sharq kids have thrown eggs at them too ;/

  11. stranger says:

    Those Egyptians shouldn’t beg, they should beat the crap out of those kids, cause their families didn’t know how to raise children

  12. iThink says:

    On a related topic, I fail to understand the traffic plans for National Day / Independence Days. On 26th evening I had gone to Ras Salmiya by car and wanted to return to Salmiya which is just a 10 minutes drive. The road was blocked near Holiday Inn and the only way allowed was onto the Gulf Street. From then on it all the U-Turns on left turns were blocked including the Marina Mall and Shaab Park left turns. The first left turn that was allowed was at the 3rd Ring road signal! It took me 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach my home in Salmiya!!

    I am not a traffic expert but I think if the purpose is to better manage the traffic, it should encourage people to take off their cars from the roads sooner rather than later. By forcing me and a thousand other car owners to remain on the road for over 2 hours instead of the usual 10 minutes, it baffles my mind how the traffic chaos could be eased??

  13. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    It just mindboggles me that how much pride the Kuwaitis have on their National Day compared to the US. But there is no reason for them to act like idiots. Yesterday my wife and I were driving through our mud street to get to our apartment in Mahboula and this idiot Kuwaiti, how I know he is Kuwaiti because he has the ministry logo on his back window and has flag decals on his jacked up chevy avalanche, slung mud sand up the side of my ride. I didn’t care about the the fact he slung mud sand with his rear wheels, I was pissed the fact that he could have ran into me because of stupidity since he came within about a half a meter of hitting me in the process.

  14. Ali Sleeq says:

    Do people have anything better to do?

    Yes it’s annoying to get sprayed and seeing some dude dancing like a douche in the middle of traffic but consider that there are no worthwhile activities.

    You have to think of the issue on the macro level first…

  15. soni says:

    read all the comments. i live of the 5th ringroad . i saw them dancing , throwing water in this chilly nite really that was not good. problems regarding, the kids behaviour, suffering of people, and mostly the traffic,i wonder wat if someone stuck in the gulf road traffic or near by road , had a medical emergency wat wud they do??
    the fun the happines of 25 & 26 is ruined like this.
    govt should organize carnivals or someother events to celebrate not just the gulf road. i went to ahmadi , same scenario.

    govt could arrange a big big carnival in a huge huge place where people come enjoy have fun. not to disturb the routine traffic, routine work , routine flow of people.

  16. YM965 says:

    Next year they should just ban spraying of any kind, and confiscate all super soakers

  17. Abdou says:

    My wife and I were sprayed mercilessly when we were going to my parents building who live next to us. I was soaked wet and so was my wife. We were upset, but what we will not forgive is when they sprayed a woman and her month old baby next to us and she couldnt do anything but turn around and protect her child.

  18. Max says:

    I try and stay at home during these days. Just not safe for families.

  19. uselesskuwait says:

    kuwait is a zoo

    so glad i moved out

  20. Mathai says:

    Reports of people getting sprayed with Super soakers filled with urine and Clorox were in the news some years ago. Here’s one article from 2008

  21. Sekhar says:

    Uncivilized! Police should some how stop this. It talks about a country’s image in the international level.

  22. Omar says:

    For those saying the problem is on the macro-level, consider this. I was in Dubai for the weekend, where there are numerous fun activities to do, and it was the same story there. Loads of Kuwaitis in their cars blocking the Dubai Marina road, dancing on their cars, blasting their horns (and slamming the accelerator on neutral), just causing general disruption. I just don’t get it, they annoy everyone around them who end up thinking all Kuwaitis are fools. You should have seen the glares they were getting from people trying to enjoy their meals.

  23. Danderma says:

    Exactly my thought when I heard about the water guns… why should there be spraying at all of any kind? What the hell is wrong with people?

    I want to see people laugh and dance but I do NOT want to be soaked with water in this freezing weather! I have a sore throat every other week, there is no need to be wet and get sick just because some jerk thinks this means he loves his country! What the hell is this!

    It makes me long for the 80’s when there used to be a spray thing that sprayed thread like or ribbon like things that hurt absolutely no one and didn’t get anyone drenched or sick… why can’t they use that if they MUST spray something or else all festivities are to no avail?

  24. Samer says:

    Some are surprised. I say this is common sense. If you think about it, for a ccountry that doesnt punish douchebag behaviour what better way to celebrate than with more douchebagerry?

  25. The Real Burhan says:

    The best thing you can do on the national and liberation day – is book your flights early.

    Were are the national pride parades? Or activities? I know most countries have their national days celebrated with – you know – nationalistic activities that promote patriotism.

  26. Concerned Individual says:

    My wife and I visited Kuwait zoo with our 8 month old son the day after the ‘celebrations’ and were disgusted to see a group of young Kuwaiti males using their super soakers to torment the animals by trying to hit them in the face at close range with jets of water. How did we know they were Kuwaiti? Because when, after watching the zoo’s security staff watch them with amused smiles on their faces for the best part of 20 minutes, we finally said something, they threatened to call their relatives at ‘The Ministry’ and told us to ‘get out of their country’ if we didn’t like the way things were done. When we asked them why they were doing it they simply said ‘it makes the zoo more interesting’. They then proceeded to hound us around the zoo with their water guns until we were eventually forced to leave. Disgraceful.

  27. plainzero says:

    Kuwaiti’s response to an incidents caused by their kids. ”Kids.. walla bacha. how many 20? ALL MINE!?!?”

  28. Longhorn in Kuwait says:

    Here is a way they can stop it! Anyone remember the American kid in singapore 10 or so years ago? Or better yet, if there is a group of kids have them aim at eachother with their mouths open and shoot themsleves in their mouths with their so called water filled guns. And if it is just a individual kid by himself, then the victim gets to shoot him in the mouth. this only if it is urine not bleach or other chemicals. if it is one of the other two things then an ass whooping is called for like the Singapore caning!

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