Talabat Sold for KD50,000,000

Post by Mark

Rocket Internet AG (“Rocket”, ISIN DE000A12UKK6, RKET) today announces the signing of the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Talabat, one of the leading players in the attractive online food takeaway market in the Middle East, headquartered in Kuwait, for approximately EUR 150 million. The closing of the transaction is expected in the next few weeks.

Daaaaaaammmnnnn… [Source]

Thanks Ziad

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  1. gabbar says:

    So does this mean that now entrepreneurs will stop opening up frozen yogurt shops and instead focus on opening up online portals for ordering food???

  2. Nasser says:


    ما شاء الله

  3. gabbar says:

    Jokes apart though, really happy for the guys that started this.

    Congratulations to them. It really is amazing.

    ما شاء الله and alf mabrook

    • Nasser says:

      Apparently the most recent owners aren’t the people who started it. I heard it was sold from the founders, to the most recent owners, who now sold it off.

      Something like that.

      • Mark says:

        Yeah talabat I think was sold during the financial crisis for like 500,000kd. At least I think that’s what I remember.

      • gabbar says:

        You are right Nasser.

        The recent owners bought it in 2010.

        It still makes me feel happy and proud to see a local success story after quite a long time.

      • Moe says:

        you are right, it was my friends college project [ al romi family ] , the recent owners are the ones who bought it from the founders for a cheap price, it wasn’t as big, they just started it, but the money they offered was high, so they sold it off

  4. Adil Rehman says:

    Plot twist: All money will be used to open 345 new burger joints all over Kuwait.

  5. sala6a says:

    If this 150 fils is their only revenue source, with simple calculations, rocket-internet will need to receive a something like 185,000 order per day, for the coming 5 years to only get the money back as revenue, without considering their costs that has to be paid. So maybe break even if like 8 years ? Unless they have a big plan to really operate in the world outside USA and China as per their mission…. 185,000 order per day is something crazy…

    Is this business worth today all that ?

    • Adil Rehman says:

      Been thinking the same but I think they take good commissions or fee from Food Outlets too.

      • sala6a says:

        Still, it does not explain the price… q8car by itself was sold for 100,000 KD when it was the most accessed website in Kuwait… The talabat domain address is also worth something like 100,000 KD based on the traffic.. adding the business of 150 fils for each order does not make the Net Present Value (NPV) of the business to even reach 1 million KD (not mentioning the costs, even if they are minimal). Lets say they have other ways of getting income from the online food specialised ads for another 1 million, and it’s database (which supposedly they are not allowed to sell to other business lines, not sure about legal stuff)..So 2 million or 3 million KD.. But 50 million ?

        I can’t find really any explanation… I might also be missing something major here …

        • Mark says:

          Q8car was sold for a million not 100,000

          • sala6a says:

            Thank you for the correction.

            • Mark says:

              I might be wrong btw. I just remember hearing that talabat was sold for 500,000 and Q8car for 1mil.

              • Mark says:

                but definitely not 100,000. my blog is probably worth that much or more.

                • gabbar says:

                  Your blog might be worth more than KD 100,000

                  As a quick calculation, a rough estimate of value is 5 to 10 times the annual net profit (depending on the business model)

                  Don’t value your blog so cheaply :D

                  Let me know if you want any help valuing it

                • A.R.D says:

                  I can’t see 248 being worth that much if anything at all.

                  The problem is that it’s a one man show and if Mark is not there – then there is no value to the operation or the domain.

                  Mark goes – readers drop – advertisers pull out because no audience – site is then worth nothing.

                • Mark says:

                  True if you look at it with the current site structure but think outside of the box for a second and you’ll see there is a lot of potential here. Everyone is dispensable including me…

              • Nasser says:

                According to the podcast and interview with Mr.Jaffar the owner of talabat since 2010 it was sold to him for 850,000 KWD and he sold to for 50mil KWD. Mr jaffar mentioned that when he sold talabat they were receiving 25k orders a day, 0.200 fills X 250000 = 5000KWD x 30 = 150k a month! I even wonder if they still take .200 fills per order.. it used to show the amount when you checkout, now it only shows the delivery charges of the restaurant ordered from.. I really am curious how they make money.

        • Mark says:

          Plus keep in mind talabat is regional not just kuwait

          • mak says:

            I agree talabat is regional, and they do have other websites provides the services in different regions. They want to monopolize.

    • q80 says:

      Talabat’s high value comes from the amount of data gathered from users.

      Data is valuable and can be used for many things such as marketing, social studies ect…

    • cajie says:

      Most likely, most of the money is for the intellectual property.

      • 7th says:

        Intellectual property in what form?

        • cajie says:

          The software. From what I can see, it is designed as a highly customizable solution, allowing one to quickly add restaurants, link those restaurants to specific locations, and each menu item can be configured. Lots of effort/research has gone into creating the entire backbone.

    • gabbar says:

      I am pretty sure they would be doing somewhere between 12-16 million orders each year in Kuwait alone.

    • MS says:

      here is some cut & paste facts which im good at :)

      On December 7, another milestone achieved, order number 8,000,000!

      Our outstanding records concluded the year with:

      3,830,874 orders placed in 2014

      1,755,377 Burgers

      1,352,837 Sandwiches

      459,592 Pizzas

      810,918 Desserts

      577,468 Salads

      And 164,026 Frozen Yogurt were ordered

      woooooooow 8mil orders thats 4mil KD if they are charging 500fils per order

      and im still waiting to recieve my check to go and fix my phone screen. I HAVE 7KD IN MY POCKET AND I AM HAPPIEST GUY EVER….

  6. john says:

    Sala6a, the fact is Talabat ia making much more than that. They charge restaurants 400KD for renewal of membership plus 500 fils per order, not 150 fils^^

  7. san says:

    Now you can also think of selling ur site.

  8. Ahmed says:

    If I ordered alot do I get some shares?

  9. nadox says:

    i feel bad for the founders, they sold it for a mil, and now its being sold for 50 mil. thats gotta hurt :p

  10. Saad Ali says:

    q8Car for 1 mil. Nice, No Taxes. I deployed cars website for script performance once, too bad I forgot I even had one.

  11. o says:

    There’s a new Forbes article about entrepreneurship in Kuwait, Kuwait can become the Silicon of the Gulf: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nishacharya/2015/02/10/silicon-gulf-kuwait-moves-beyond-oil-to-nurture-entrepreneurs/

  12. Mark says:

    Ok so I just read that there were a bunch of owners before the current. the original creators sold it for 360,000 in 2007. the second owner sold it for 860,000 in 2010 and the current owner sold it for 50,000,000.

  13. meh says:


  14. Noor says:

    Is there a power outage in the whole of Kuwait?

  15. Burhan says:

    Good news is that now other startups and accelerators in Kuwait will have a nice success story to look up to.

    There are a lot of startups in Kuwait; I won’t link to them here (because I don’t want to spam), but you can certainly Google them and some Mark has posted about in the past, I can think of 5 right now without coffee:

    1. Dishdasha Express
    2. Fishfishme
    3. Abidoc
    4. Boxit
    5. Jaribha

    • bask says:

      They have the world to look up to, start thinking globally and act locally is what will make their products reach out.

      But the problem is not ideas, it’s skills, funding and an entire ecosystem that supports tech startups.

      U know what made 6alabat stand out and attract foreign investment, not their presence in Kuwait or idea, it’s their scale and potential growth!….this only happened a year or 2 ago btw. if u read the press release you would notice their target was Saudi market and UAE, Kuwait was only referenced as the head quarters and being an american company now bets are they are shifting to Dubai for legal purposes.

      Should 6alabat have continued to be local, no matter what success story it wont get them more than a local success story.

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