Tara Aadi – Aziz AlNasrallah

Post by Mark

A super talented friend of mine just released a new single called Tara Aadi. It’s very cool since the music is made up of 8-bit sounds generated from a GameBoy. Here’s some interesting trivia regarding Tara Aadi:

1. All the sounds in the music played was generated by a real Gameboy console

2. The melody was conceived in Kuwait, but arranged in Bad Soden, Germany

3. The vocals were recorded at the Arabic Theater HQ, one of the main founders of Kuwait’s performance art scene

4. Besides collaborating with Hussa Alhumaidhi on the melody, Mishari was responsible for every aspect of its production

5. Mishari mixed the song in Aziz’s car on the way to get treated in Hadi Hospital. Mishari resumed to mix the song in Hadi’s parking lot in his PJ’s and a robe.

6. The song was made with the intention of getting people to smile, preferably while dancing.

You can check out the song by hitting play above or you can check out his other songs on [SoundCloud]

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  1. Area965 says:

    It’s pretty catchy and cute-like. Definitely going to cover this story.

  2. David says:

    That’s really rather impressive.

  3. Al-Marzouq says:

    hahaha quite nice to have our own version of the neptunes in Kuwait…. get pharell on the line! seriously though well done

  4. MBehbehani says:

    This reminded me of Simon Curtis specially the heart shown with white shirt!

  5. RCM says:

    this is great reminds me of Nathan Barrnets songs

  6. Nasser says:

    Very well done. Great job.

  7. brink on brand says:

    Who’s Mishari?

  8. Doc says:

    This is just fantastic. Catchy, original, and clever!

  9. jkub says:

    I always like to say at least he/she tried and good job for trying.

  10. Sulley says:

    love it. very cute and inventive.

  11. RCM says:

    I love it. its different. I usually dont listen to arabic

  12. OutLoud says:

    So not original. It’s a low version of Ke$ha.
    All that Germany thing was a waste of money in my opinion :/

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