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The Choowy Goowy Experience

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Last week I received five jars of Choowy Goowy cookies each a different flavor. The flavors are Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Macadamia and Double Chocolate. After sharing the cookies with family and friends, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to review each flavor separately and the reason being no one had anything negative to say about the cookies! Everyone who tried the cookies automatically fell in love with a flavor and started ordering jars for themselves. They are really all delicious and its become a common sight in my office for example to find cookie jars on some peoples desks. Everyone who finds out about the service is amazed such a thing exists in Kuwait.

So basically its not about which cookie flavor is the best. They are all the best, its about which flavor is your favorite. I know mine and its the double chocolate.

Want to order cookies? Call them up at 2626559.

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The other number is 9112221. I ordered three jars for my husband for Valentine’s Day—the chocolate, peanut butter, and regular chocolate chip. They were all fabulous. It’s terrific that young Kuwaitis have put this product together. The packaging is great too!

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