The iPhone 4 Screen

Post by Mark

I take it back, there IS a big difference. When I first started using the iPhone 4 I didn’t notice much difference in the screen until I put it side by side next to my old iPhone and I loaded up a website. The text on my iPhone 3Gs screen looked blurry and gray compared to the very sharp and black text on the iPhone 4 screen. I was very surprised and just like that my iPhone 3Gs screen started looking out dated.

One downside to this sharp high resolution screen is that it makes icons and apps seem low res. That should go away once everyone starts making their apps iOS4 compatible.

The screen on the iPhone I got doesn’t have the yellow spots that have been talked about in the media recently but even if it did it’s not really a big deal. Both Gizmodo and Endgadet have reported that the yellow spots are just screen adhesive that disappears after a few days.

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  1. FAMAJAH says:

    Hi Mark!

    Is it true that if you hold the iPhone 4 in your left hand the bars slowly go away and you have no reception. It was on BBC News’ website where people complained about the integration of the antenna into the speaker affects the signal reception.

  2. smoothy says:

    And in a couple of months the next generation iPhone will be released,with one or two enhancements.

  3. Mark says:

    Smoothy if that was the case then we would have around 10 or 12 different types of iPhones now.

    The iPhone gets updated once a year, every June.

    There are 4 iPhones since they first came out in 2007, one for every year.

  4. SWOS says:

    looks good

  5. Sat99 says:

    If Apple didn’t tell anyone about the new screen then no one would have noticed :D

  6. Summer says:

    is it true that if you hold the iphone while touching the sides (silver part) you won’t have reception???

  7. B_G_T_R says:

    who sells it? and how much is it?

  8. Mr.pedro says:

    Mark is there a problem with the Antenna please let us know !

  9. Abdullah says:

    Iphone 4??
    give me a break
    I’ll stick with my new Samsung Galaxy S

  10. Mark says:

    Samsung? lol no thanks, might as well stick to a fax machine.

  11. i don't think it's requierd says:

    what about the signal ?

  12. Mrs F says:

    Just got ours yesterday! Mark where did you get a micro sim from? Are they available at zain?

  13. Mark says:

    You need to cut your Zain sim card, thats what the xcite guy did. I didn’t cut my Zain sim card but will once I get my own iphone.

  14. LOL why are you ignoring all the reception questions replies

  15. Bu Yousif says:

    Mark i am surprised that you didn’t check iPhone 4 apple website which states and explains the features of their new baby,,

    Don’t tell me you haven’t watch Steve Jobs deliver it on the 7th of June.

    The screen is one big change which this time they used the Retina Display ( 960 x 640 resolution) which makes it the only 3.5inch screen with that amazing resolution.

  16. R says:

    Would it work if i cut my wataniya sim too?

  17. HeartBeat says:

    Mark has neglected 4 questions from 4 ppl asking about the reception problem, he doesnt want to upset xcite i guess

  18. Mark says:

    Bu yousif, I know about the screen but as I said you won’t notice it unless you compare side by side with an older iPhone.

    R: yes

  19. Sam says:

    Great Job Mark on the review ;) iPhone 4 Rocks !

  20. sallom says:

    The question has been answered already!! the bars does not display well right now because of a glitch.. once this glitch is fixed the reception will shut you guys up lol :P

  21. Hellraiser says:

    So Mark any challenges with dropped signal and discoloration of the screen?

  22. Mark says:

    HeartBeat as I clearly mentioned above I didn’t cut my sim card so I haven’t tried making calls with the iPhone 4. It has nothing to do with upsetting xcite since xcite didn’t design the iPhone apple did.

    Hellraiser: no discoloration.

  23. i don't think it's requierd says:

    Apple has been pushing its bumper–essentially a $30 rubber band–pretty hard, which makes us wonder if the company’s marketing strategy is a cover-up for a known reception issue.

  24. i don't think it's requierd says:

    sorry the other post wasn’t complete

    Using an accessory, like the $29 rubber bumper Apple sells to protect the iPhone, would also break your skin’s conductivity and eliminate the problem. Apple has been pushing its bumper–essentially a $30 rubber band–pretty hard, which makes us wonder if the company’s marketing strategy is a cover-up for a known reception issue.

  25. ahmad says:

    the iphone’s tft screen is considered shittty

    compared to the 16million colours

    Samsung I9000 Super ALMOEND screen

  26. Mark says:


    “The one standout differentiator between the two will have been apparent by gazing upon our gallery: the Retina Display really whoops on the Super AMOLED on the pixel level. Definition still looks ridiculous on the iPhone 4, and Samsung simply can’t match it there.”

  27. ahmad says:

    i agree but here in kuwait the AMOLED screen is better due to better visibility in sunlight it’s not perfect but better than the iphone’s from my experience .

    still the iphone has better touch quality and definition as from the link you posted

    but i choose the galaxy s because i work outdoors mostly and it has android something i need for programing :)

  28. BAJS says:

    Lol Ahmad you got it wrong, AMOLED is the one that suffers in sunlight, not LED (IPS/Retinday Display).

    Anyways all this bashing, all I want to say is congrats on the iPhone 4 Mark, still waiting for mine :(

  29. Mark says:

    It’s not my iPhone, I gave it back a few hours ago to xcite, i only got it to review

  30. samy1st says:

    the screen quality is much better the colours is nicer and brighter but the sound quality is not that good compared to flip but for people who like filming iphone4 definitely has the better quality

  31. BAJS says:

    Oh I see, my bad Mark. Where did you order yours from?

  32. Mohammed says:

    mark did u take some pics ??
    because i heard it had a crappy 5mp camera
    when compared to other 5mp cameras

  33. Mark says:

    I took pics which i will post. are the pictures crappier than pictures from a 5MP camera? probably, but this is a phone not a camera.

  34. Mohammed says:

    mark i meant that it had a crappy camera when compared to another 5 mp phones (nokia samsung etc)

    ur so in love with this phone… lol

  35. Mark says:

    I’m not but the camera is not really an important selling point for me in a camera. I won’t choose a Nokia over an iPhone because the Nokia has a better camera.

  36. smoothy says:

    They say holding the phone,while touching the bottom left hand corner,interferes with the reception and causes dropped calls.

  37. Mohammed says:

    smoothy that problem can be solved:

  38. smoothy says:

    @ Mohammed – I don’t think so.Hey,look at my brand new phone.(with tape flapping from the side)

  39. Louka says:

    you’re one lucky man :P Why do prices have to be so goddamn overpriced here? ESPECIALLY with apple products!

  40. a.refai says:

    I just wanted to mention that i contact Zain before 3 days about the micro Sim and they told me that its available and you can buy it for 5kd, but the problem is that they dont offer an adapter for the micro sim so if u switch ur normal sim with a micro sim then u wont be able to use ur number in other mobiles u will be stick to the iphone!

  41. smoothy says:

    @ BAJS & Louka – See if you can find the part where Mark says that he only reviewed the phone and did not purchase it.

  42. medo says:

    Important questions: When will it be delivered for the reservations and when will it be sold normally ? What about the facetime feature? Any support in Kuwait (locally) and in other countries (internationally)?
    Nice prices btw, great for a brand new device :)

  43. esz says:

    Hey Mark, thanks for the review and listing the prices. Do you know if x-cite will be selling the apple rubber cases? If yes, what will the price be. Thanks!

  44. Jim Reeves says:

    LOL at everyone dying for the iphone. Mark, no need to lol on the Samsung, as their phones are good. I personally will go for a Android from HTC or Motorola not a closed iphone.

  45. annon says:

    Hey Mark, thanks for the review, i’m thinking of buying one from France are there Arabic supported iphones there?!

  46. keralz says:

    Yeah will they get those cases ? prices seem fine , better than bloody 450 – 800 kd ppl arnd here were expecting

  47. @BUL says:

    @ a.refai i got the same reply when i contacted zain , but i guess when i get the micro sim for the iphone i dont think im gonna switch to another phone hehe.

    @ annon mostly all iphones now support arabic as a language , i checked the US apple store website and you can clearly see arabic is supported :)

    About the reception issues , not everyone bought the iphone 4 got this problem but stil the percentage is quite high,

    There are too solutions either you add a little piece of clear take between the 2 sides or you add the apple bumper which is a better solution imo.

  48. annon says:

    THANX @BUL you’ve just made my day ! :)

  49. Sat99 says:

    yes, the iphone 4 screen is a million times more crisp than the 3GS.

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