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The Kuwait Towers – Everything You Need to Know


Yesterday the Kuwait Towers officially opened to the public for the first time in over 4 years. Here is everything you need to know in case you’re planning to visit it.


Entrance Fee
There are two main areas in the Kuwait Towers, the restaurant’s sphere and the viewing sphere. If you want to go to the viewing sphere it’s KD3 per person. If you want to go to the restaurants there is no entrance fee. If you eat at the restaurant then you can go to the viewing deck for free as long as you keep your meal receipt. Children under 4 go in for free. If you’re going to the restaurants you can also park inside the Kuwait Towers parking lot.


The Viewing Sphere
This sphere is located in the top most part of the Kuwait Towers. It’s split into two floors with the top floor having a rotating platform and a small food stand. It’s open from 9AM to 11:30PM.


The view from the top is spectacular and better than before since we now have a beautiful city skyline because of all the new skyscrapers like Hamra Tower.


For a closer look, they’ve kept the original coin-operated binoculars.


The only issue I had with the viewing deck is that it smelled of popcorn because of the food stand. The food stand really should have been a Starbucks since right now it reminds me of those small dodgy food stalls located under the stairs in old Salmiya. They have drinks, a few cold sandwiches, soft serve ice cream and popcorn.


The Restaurant Sphere
There are two restaurants and a lounge in the restaurant sphere which is also divided into two floors. The first restaurant is called Horizon (pictured above) and is located on the top floor of the sphere. It’s an open buffet and they’re open from breakfast to dinner, here are the details:

Breakfast Buffet 8AM to 11:30AM for KD7.5
Lunch Buffet: 12:30PM to 4PM for KD14
Dinner Buffet: 7PM to 11:30PM for KD14

For reservations, you can contact them on 22081999 or 1806806


There is a second restaurant (pictured above) which as of this post hasn’t opened yet. Its located on the lower floor of the sphere and it’s called Le Cafe (but it’s going to be a steakhouse). It looks slightly more fancier and instead of being a buffet it will have an à la carte menu. Once it’s open the timings will be 8AM to 12AM (midnight).


Right outside the second restaurant on the lower floor is a small lounge. You can order beverages there but it’s a fairly small lounge with only three seating areas similar to the one pictured above so good luck trying to find an empty one.


Finally, if you’re taking a guest to the Kuwait Towers and they were hoping to leave with a souvenir well they’re going to be disappointed. According to an employee at the Kuwait Towers, the souvenirs shop that was originally located on the ground floor has been closed down and will be converted to a prayer room.

If you’ve never been to the Kuwait Towers I would highly recommend going. If you’ve been to it before I’d also recommend passing by just for the nostalgia. It’s still by far one of my favorite places to take visitors who come to Kuwait.

Update: I added a bit more information to the post, specifically the reservation numbers and information regarding souvenirs.

Update2: Le café Steak House doesn’t exist anymore, the restaurant is now Japanese instead and called Amimoto. The gift shop was also not converted to a prayer area, it remained a gift shop.

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They closed it 4 years for this? A Baqala and a cafeteria? I don’t see any change. The Touristic Enterprises Co. is a waste of public money. They should just lease the place to Al-Shaya. I’m sure they will do a much better job.

There used to be one located on the lower deck of the viewing sphere. I think it should still be there, honestly I headed straight up to the top deck since the lower one has low ceilings and isn’t as nice as the top floor. In hindsight I should have at least done a walk around of the lower deck, maybe I’ll try to pass by again in a bit if they’ll let me back in with my ticket.

Correction, there used to be a souvenir shop on the ground floor but they closed it and will be turning it into a prayer room. No comment.

Thank you so much for this. My college friend from the States has a twenty hour layover here so I told her I’d be taking her to a few hot spots like the Kuwait Towers but I haven’t been there in fifteen years so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thank you for covering every aspect of it so I don’t go in there surprised.

I got a question though, why do you call those popcorn stalls dodgy? They’ve been there for so long, they’re almost a national institution.

I’ve lived literally on that street for like 35 years, so I grew up with those places and like them. It just doesn’t change the fact they look dodgy. Not sure why you’re making a fuss out of this.

I was only asking because sometimes when I’m travelling or even when I’m here in Kuwait, I’ve seen rodents and roaches in food stalls.

And these aren’t your typical hot dog/pretzel food stalls, I’m talkin’ like $12 sandwich joints.

I thought you might’ve seen something like that in those popcorn stalls. That’s why I asked. I was only concerned cause I always get popcorn from there.

No muss, no fuss.

Lol! dodgy yes but I liked it. I briefly worked for Trafalgar back in 2006 and that place under the stairs was my regular spot to have a smoke and a cold drink 🙂

I’m glad they didn’t put up a Starbucks in there. Sick of seeing that shit everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the mermaid peeping out from underneath my dirty laundry one day.

Dodgy food aside (Lorenzino waiters don’t wash after peeing in the Avenues, btw..seen em handle their junk, fix their hair then walk out), the towers should stay as they were back in the days.

Note: If you have a disability card, you and your companion can enter free of charge.

That’s just stupid if you think having a shitty cafe is better than having a good one but called Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee but I’d rather see Starbucks with their chocolate cream frappuccino and their tempting selection of desserts and sandwiches instead of pre-packed cold cut sandwiches and bottled Rauch drinks. But thats just me, I like nice things.

Shitting and not washing hands.. It could happen any time .. any where.. and you’ll never know when you eat human shit. Unless you get something like hepatitis.

I went with my son with his disability card today…they let him in free but not me.

I was disappointed that all the old photographs that lined the observation sphere were gone…and wonder why there are ashtrays built into the countertop every 2 feet? And it looked like the windows needed a good washing on the outside.

And Mark….the dodgy (blah, nothing special) popcorn wa1s 1kd for a small box!!

A souvenir shop with keep sake memorabilia on the Towers or anything Kuwaiti, a photo stand to take memories of the visit would have been nice

I remember going up on my second day in Kuwait, almost 4 years ago. Dang, time flies. I tried to go back whenever I had visitors but it was always closed. Maybe I’ll check it out during the daytime this time. Last time all I saw was my own jet-lagged and “slightly scared of what I had gotten myself into” reflection.

I was looking forward to it opening, i can’t believe i actually expected something to be properly done. Now after seeing this i think it would be closed down again, I’ve seen 3 star hotels with restaurants much better looking than the main restaurant, the “Lecafe” steakhouse (what kind of retard would call a steakhouse Lecafe) looks cheap and lets not even talk about the movie theatre snacks on the observation deck. What really pisses me off is the fact that this is suppose to be kuwait’s icon and yet they think this is acceptable? ok fine it took you 2 months to do this.. what about the other 4 YEARS!?!?

Nice info Mark, thanx…anyone tried their(horizon) buffet? Is the spread worth it? Like any idea if they serve variety of sea food for lunch or dinner? Thanx again

They should have outsourced the restaurants and snacks kiosk as planned instead of trying to do it themselves….

And no we don’t need yet another f**king Starbucks up there. Now that there’s a local coffee scene (which I don’t even drink) any one of them could’ve opened there. (Vol.1 or Caffeine or Arabica %)

Why are we discussing about whether we should have a franchise coffee shop and another generic restaurant or two? It is the national symbol of Kuwait so we should have at least have had a traditional tea place (the many you see in mubarakiya) with sedu designs with traditional desserts and seating area as well as a ‘Fareej a suweilah’ style place to eat!

I agree there should have definetly been a tourist shop with traditional clothing, books about the history of Kuwait and Gulf War for sale and decorations of historical pieces used back in the day etc.

finished project at last !
is it updated within the region and global standard … dont think so the restaurant is a bit lacking to a UNESCO world heritage monument .. to bad .. have you ever heard about idam in qatar museum which not a UNESCO protected project. plz stop doing standard work and spending alot without seeing it right. if this will happen in sheikh jaber cultural center and abdullah al salem its not wrong to be advised or guided by experts global in every field .. wish you the best my Kuwaiti fellows .. u all deserve more!
ali .. Bahrain

No on ever picks up the phone? Do they have specific timings for taking reservations? Can I just go there without a reservation??

Looks like they’re going for a whole ‘retro’/nostalgic theme w the viewing binoculars and the popcorn stand (which IMO > Starbucks and slightly better than anything Al-Shaya would bring in on its mission to gentrify).

Hey, I am planning to visit Kuwait towers, just Viewing Sphere & since Covid everything has changed I just wanted to know if Kuwait Tower is open now in 2020 & can we go inside Viewing Sphere!!
Thanks so much

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