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So Thursday after work I decided to walk home as a bit of exercise. My office is located in Kuwait City near Muthana Complex and my apartment at the beginning of Salmiya. I estimated the distance would be around 15km and I wanted to try and make the trip in 3 hours or less. Well the whole trip turned out to be 12km and took me around 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete. I thought that was disappointing because my regular walks around Salmiya are 11km long and Kuwait City to Salmiya sounded a lot longer than that. I didn’t feel tired or exhausted and it really wasn’t challenging enough. What was even more depressing was when I got home and was checking Facebook I noticed pictures of a friend of mine who had just gotten back to Kuwait after participating at the Marathon des Sables… a 6 day long 243km endurance race. I guess I’m taking baby steps? On the bright side at least it’s something I can do more often now. I took some pictures during the walk and was uploading them to twitter but in case you missed it you can see them at the bottom of this post.

On a different note I measured my body fat percentage today and it’s 13%. That means I dropped down 1.6% since the beginning of the month (I was 14.6) and I lost 1.2kg of body weight and all of it was fat, no muscle loss. So not what I was hoping for but still better off from where I was earlier in the month.

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  1. iShiznit says:

    Dandoosh, thats wassup !

  2. GWB says:

    You know what? The distance is “walkable.” I think I will do it, IN JANUARY 2012.

  3. Abdul says:

    Did you try the shawerma ? Which restaurant ?


  4. expatozziegal says:

    Congratulations. At least you made it home safely without falling into any holes missing their manhole covers, or stubbing your feet on any of those iron spikes jutting out from the pavement. A truly remarkable feat.

  5. nadox says:

    damn 12 km , every 3 min a bad smell comes up , people super stare , hot weather with some dusty wind .

    you must show us a before and after photo of you !

  6. Walla Walla says:

    Thanks for this Mark…a friend and I took a walk a couple hours earlier, except from Sharq to Shaab Leisure Park. We had been wondering how far we walked…

  7. LizQ8 says:

    I use to walk home from work which was a 15 min walk. I gave up after 6 months as men were constantly trying to offer me a lift home and even got a stalker who worked out where I work, live and my working hours! I gave up and began driving my car. Enjoy this simple pleasure!

  8. Dave says:

    Good job Mark! Inspirational indeed and its every little thing you do that will keep you on the right track to the end of the road.

  9. Spartan says:

    dude in 2:20 u only burnt 717 calories? i burn about 650 in an hour flat!

  10. Spartan says:

    that chocolate cake looks so sinful

  11. K.theKuwaiti says:

    If you don’t like the distance between you home and office you should gtfo.

  12. Knight says:

    How do you measure your body fat?

  13. Sayeed says:

    Interesting and inspiring.

  14. Kuweight 64 says:

    Mark, that’s a very nice post and a wonderful feat. Walking is such an enjoyable experience, it’s a great form of exercise, besides the benefit of weight loss and well being. And once a person takes to walking,it becomes a healthy addiction. Love walking!

  15. Mohammad says:

    Where is that shawerma place, name , location

  16. DDS says:

    Great idea Mark!

    Someone should organize a walk-to-work event. General idea, park your car at a landmark and people walk to work – hopefully at in late autumn. This can be done to raise awareness on issues including: environment, diabetes, healthy living, etc!

  17. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    Good for you, keep it up Mark… im starting to do walking from one place to my house thanks to you, but not from work… :P

  18. How many minutes did you stand and stare at the chocolate cake?

  19. Az says:

    5alla9 bacher anaa baroo7 amshy .. shwagtny =))

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mark please enlighten me: Meat, chicken and the red skewer is spicy chicken? :S

  21. Mark says:

    I am going tonight to try the shawerma will post my review :D

  22. Mark says:

    Dandoosh near Bader Al Badoor

  23. Dan says:

    A person needs to be careful when walking in Kuwait. Kuwait is not a very pedestrian-friendly country. In addition to not having a sidewalk for people to walk on in most places, drivers of all backgrounds are generally oblivious to pedestrians. Good luck to anyone walking in Kuwait and may God protect you from harm!

  24. Rotsu says:

    wow im shocked actually that you only burned 717 calories? How accurate is this app you’re using?
    Good job btw.

  25. Keith says:

    Hey Mark, what app did you use to track this adventure?

  26. abdulrahman says:

    where is the place in the seventh picture??

  27. Well done on your first 12 K. if your planing to improve your fitness level, do less distances in a faster pace. And include a sprinting day to improve legs strength.

    keep it up

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