Two Brazil vs Kuwait Tickets for Sale

Post by Mark

football ticket

I have two tickets for the Brazil vs Kuwait game coming up on the 15th of November. The seats are located in the family section. I was planning on going to watch the game but I heard since no more tickets are available for sale that they are now selling for allot of cash on the black market. So if anyone wants two tickets or knows of anyone who wants them, leave a comment.

Here is a scan of the tickets:
Front Side
Back Side

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  1. KuwaiTi Mal Awal says:

    BTW your allowed to bring in your camera. I talked the one of the organizers and he said it’s ok. but I don’t guarantee they won’t change there minds. better have a backup plan if you intend to take your camera.

  2. Ahmed says:

    i took my tickets two days ago , and they said that they still have a few left in the 20 and 10kd sections…

    hope u sell urs !

  3. Q says:

    I got a message saying that they were on general sale in the club earlier today afternoon…

  4. JCS says:

    Where do you order tickets? I’ve been trying to find soccer tickets for months in Kuwait, no luck..

  5. Ahmed says:

    u just buy them before u go to the match , u cant like buy them off the internet, this is like the first match where u can buy tickets online..

  6. Sty says:

    Sure, Where are the seats and how much are you selling both tickets. (My Nephew really wants to go :P) Lets see if we can work a deal ;)

  7. asa numan says:

    il bye ur tickets for as much as possible give me a call! my name is e3sa numan(esanuman) and my home phone number is 5651109 please contack me thx!

  8. asa numan says:

    btw my e-mail was sry! and the number again is 9655651109

  9. Haneen says:

    if asa didnt yet buy it, then am willing to buy it
    my email is

  10. Haneen says:

    pls contact me as soon as possible

  11. Sty says:

    Never mind cancel me..I got 6 tickets in the family section yesterday.

    By the way the 20KD ones are still being sold at the club. But those are the “bachelor” ones. Family are the 30KD and you can only get those from people now, like what Mark is doing. :P

  12. Hamilton says:

    Anybody know where to obtain the tickets from?

  13. andy says:

    andy from the uk love 2 have any tickts 2 go and see my team thanx

  14. saad says:

    i’ll take em both if u st
    ill have em . contact me at 9722809 after 2.30 pm

  15. ramsta says:

    hey if u havnt sold the tickets yet, im willing to pay 30 kd for one ticket. please give me an email anytime if they are available or if 30 isnt ebough send me an asking price.

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