Two Kuwaiti Bloggers Attacked and Arrested by Secret Police

Post by Mark

This is really fucked up! Two bloggers, Bashar Al-Sayegh and Jassim Al-Qames were attacked and taken into custody by the secret police. The reason? Some anonymous reader posted an inappropriate comment about the Amir. Now the thing is Bashar deleted the comment once he read it but he was still held accountable. That’s really freaky, if two Kuwaitis got arrested and beaten up by the police for a comment by an anonymous user what chance do I or many of us expat bloggers have?

Q8SWS has more information and details on this incident. [Link]

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  1. izgerty says:

    OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. izgerty says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is big !!!

  3. MiRoOoOo!i! says:

    SO i guess if someone wants to hurt u , he’ll do the same here . u better switch of the comments for a while

  4. izgerty says:

    Ok look Mark:

    Article 31 [Arrest, Move, No Torture]

    (1) No person shall be arrested, detained, searched, or compelled to reside in a specified place, nor shall the residence of any person or his liberty to choose his place of residence or his liberty of movement be restricted, except in accordance with the provisions of the law.
    (2) No person shall be subjected to torture or to degrading treatment.


    Where did all that go ? Why aren’t they following the constitution ?

  5. MpJs says:

    Better be careful with that fake mark. He may get you in deep shit!

  6. al-marzouq says:

    this is messed up, the country is turning into one of those countries that i wont mention their names so i wouldnt be beaten up…. but i think u guys know wat i mean… keep us updates man, this should be in news papers….

  7. al-marzouq says:

    I refuse to think of our government and its civilized constitution as a police state, especially with many mistakes made in the 30s and 70s and 80s! and especially after the absolutely incredible support received during the invasion of Kuwait by the people…. but they make it hard not to think of them that way.

    I, Bibi Nasser Al-Sabah am against the detaining and torchering of Jassim Al Qames and Bashar Al-Sayegh.

    this is wat the emirs grand daughter had to say about the situation…. its really messed up, and i do actually visit this website which is very reliable and never disrespectful…. even in these occasions the disrespectful remarks and deleted……. i think it has to do with the the whole attack on the minister of defense and interior, jabel al-mubarak….. they been trying to get at him for a while now, the whole campaign is led by al-watan news paper

    all in all these guys work for mohammed al-sager who owns al-jarida news paper, he will get them out sooner or later

  8. Anonymous says:

    آنا ان نقف صفا واحدا

  9. Hellraiser says:

    Ooops here goes freedom of speech, was there ever one to begin with?

  10. IZzY says:

    sorry but i find something aint right about this story
    it feels like it has missing links

  11. izgerty says:

    someone make a facebook group or something ;p

  12. Ron Jeremy's Vaseline says:

    Mark, my account was magically deleted. I can’t log in and comment on your forum anymore. I thought it had to do something with my computer at home, so I went to an Internet Cafe in Salmiya to see if I can log in, but I couldn’t.

  13. Mark says:

    RJV try now should work. For some reason your account was set to not active..

  14. Wer3Y says:

    Mark Watch it you could be next!
    IZzY i guess your right…
    you guys dont know anything u always think the press is 100% Pure information most of it Lies!

  15. Salo says:

    yeah better watch that fake mark man!

  16. mishref says:

    Welcome to China!

  17. Equalizer says:

    This whole incident is a disaster for the MOI. How the hell do those idiots arrest someone without even showing their IDs? Jassim has every right to fight back, and I would do the same if some freak claims he is secret police.

  18. the second one says:

    We might be seeing freedom of speech demonstrations out side parliament.. the sort where everyone just stands in rows, with tapes over their mouths.

  19. jajaja says:

    this sort of arrests have existed in this country long ago and are still present, this is nothing new, amn el dawla (secret police) arresting some person for god knows what without explaining and using force for basically everything

  20. al-marzouq says:

    ^^ good idea actually lol…… a silent demonstration

  21. IZzY says:

    i know that the press is never always right but this story feels missing, they could have responded confirming or it could have been about something else and not this story at all.
    u said it urself no everything in the news is 100% so why r u not considering this news?

  22. ahlein says:

    siiigh….another reminder that at the end of the day we live in shitsville with no rights,no booze,no freedom of speech,and no fucking parks or any real entertainment.

  23. SkyHook says:

    Something is strange here … Im sure Kuwait isnt that bad of a state to get 2 guys for a comment on some blogg there MUST be something else missing here … for everyones sake i hope there is something missing or we r in for one hell of a ride …

  24. N. says:

    This was bound to happen sooner or later. We won’t stand and not do a thing!

    Noted, and linked.

  25. lfc-Q8 says:

    mark qucik delete the michael moore post or u will get busted :)

  26. Amjad says:

    Can anyone share the link of Jassim’s blog?

  27. Eliedh says:

    Reminds me of pre-2005 Lebanon, watch out, that’s how they start!
    Hope Bachar is released soon

  28. Faber-Castellِ says:

    Bottom line, your ass is next Mark ;p

  29. bag says:

    Today Bashar and Jassim are Hero of freedom because of State Security Dep. act. It has been a long time it is a big time GOOOOOOF> somebody is distorting

  30. mushroom says:

    good luck to all of you.

  31. mushroom says:

    sorry for posting 2x.
    Mark dude, better stick to your shawerma reviews.

  32. steve_leb says:

    mushroom… lololololol….

  33. Eric says:


    Who are you to talk about The Kuwaiti constitution or kuwait laws ? Are you a Kuwaiti? do you or any member of your family Has a Kuwaiti citizenship ? Rather than talking about the laws in Kuwait and it’s constitution. Look at the fucked up situation in your country and talk about it . So next time shut you lebanese ass up and don’t speak fee ma la y3neek!

  34. mushroom says:

    there’s a saying steve_leb, better safe than sorry. hahaha

    but anyways, mark dude, we will visit you in jail or at the hospital if you get beaten up or jailed dont worry..and we will bring you 2 shawermas.. both chicken coz u dont like meat anyways.. and a coke of course…

    ——just kidding——

  35. Anonymous says:

    Why all the hate eric? You’re giving Kuwaitis a bad name.

  36. Simply … Don’t mess with the Amir!

  37. w says:

    eric you sound like the most ignorant of retards

  38. mushroom says:

    #38: Sir i didnt see any post/s from Mark talking about the Kuwaiti Constitution. If there are any then please ignore this message and i wont be saying anything else.

    #41: I totally agree and the Amir earns some respect.

  39. ahlein says:

    eric,just because mark isnt kuwaiti doesnt mean he doesnt have the right to talk about whats happening in kuwait….as long as he lives here he has every right that anyone kuwaiti has (at least thats how it is in the rest of the world). if the q8is dont break that old fashioned attitude that only kuwaitis can criticise kuwait,then kuwait wil be left even more behind the rest of the gulf than it already is.Besides, this post is to defend peoples right to free speech…even ignorant monkeys like you!

  40. Kuwaitya says:

    My darling Mark,

    If you don’t feel good living in kuwait, enjele3, ethlef 3an deratna….ebtalashna

    انجلع, اذلف عن ديرتنا….ابتلشنا بهالأشكال, عايشه على خير ديرتنا وهم تسب وتذم

    اذا أكرمت الكريم ملكته و اذا أكرمت اللئيم تمردا

  41. Bask says:

    Eric, what the hell are u talking about, is this ur “professional”, “civilized”, best answer you have! i think with such mental abilities, u are a disgrace to any nationality. Before u fuck were born we had a parliament and a constitution! Next time u want to fuck with facts or history the least go do your homework. The fucked up situation in Lebanon is a dream to many nations around “DEMOCRACY”, im sure with the demeaning tone of voice used in your post its something u never heard of! And that country your using as an example happens to be the heart of politics and what influences it directly effects the region as a whole. Too much for you to handle eh? People like you can destroy and never be a useful part of society. You see the intense situation where 2 people had their civil rights broken! Have families that are worried shit about them, are in a mind set where they are condemned and humiliated in their own country & instead of you helping them / us to preserve righteousness amongst people and democracy, u come and turn this cause into bullshit! And who the fuck are u to threaten mark or anyone else, come forward and present urself and talk like a man Mr ERIC. People like you should be ignored and left alone. “law kana al kalam min fidda fal sokout min zhahab!”
    Keep up the good work mark, this cause is bigger than this prick! He represents himself only.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Be civil. Be clever. Be right.

  43. Mo Hat says:

    eric, mushroom, and kuwaitiya, I hereby pronounce you FAGS OF THE STATE.

  44. mushroom says:

    lols. what did i do?

  45. a girl says:

    I dont think Eric is Kuwaiti!!!! Never heard of a proud Kuwaiti calls himself eric!!!!!
    The guy has split-personality…
    And if you are so Americanize, maybe you should defend the right of speech !!!!!!!
    you are soooooo hypocrite

  46. Anonymous says:

    I think random hate speech comments should be completely ignored as they are a complete waste of time; especially since they’re from people hiding behind their monitors.

  47. a girl says:

    I’m a proud Kuwaiti, and what happened yesterday to the 2 journalists did not shake or made me less proud of me beginning Kuwait, “few fucked up (barbarian ppl) will not and cannot change my feelings and believes of how remarkable Kuwaitis are.”

  48. Bask says:

    it seems ur a casualty of war mushroom :)

  49. mushroom says:

    ouch i got pawned. but hey now, im on ur side.
    everything’s cool =)

  50. Eliedh says:

    I noticed some Q8ties have some weird form of patriotism, they can’t stand a remark about Q8 and take it as a personal offense, masslane this Eric guy asked Mark to look at the situation in Lebanon and not comment about Kuwait, did this guy ever bothered to watch news or pick a Kuwaiti newspaper and read it?? didn’t he notice that Kuwaitis are talking about what’s happening in Lebanon and that you don’t see Lebanese going crazy about it???

  51. Faber-Castellِ says:

    Armani Exchanger = Stupid

  52. Monotheist says:

    Extremely messed up. We need to introduce the right to bear arms into the constitution. Conceal/carry firearms license ftw.

  53. MpJs says:

    Faber Castell:- More stupid! :)

  54. Ali Bonga says:

    Ana men el balaaaad deeeee!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Eliedh: This has nothing to do with being Kuwaiti or bearing any other nationality; some people are just plain stupid.

  56. Cerebral Assassin says:

    Kudos Mo Hat:)

  57. Eliedh says:

    Anonymous, true but those people in here are Kuwaitis, that doesn’t mean all Kuwaitis are like this and that doesn’t mean that this only happens in Kuwait, I just talked about Kuwaitis since Eric is apparently Kuwaiti bass no offense to Kuwait and Kuwaitis, it’s a great country with great people and nearly half the blogs I regularly read are by Kuwaiti bloggers!

  58. أطلقوا سراح… الشعب

    لن يركع شعب هزه الظلم سنينا…
    لن يركع لن يركع لو طال الزمانا

  59. Anonymous says:

    We love you too Eliedh ahaha

  60. Ali Bonga says:

    Reminder : Ana men el baaaalad deee! and a wise man once said
    “Things that change remain the same!”

  61. says:

    THere should be freedom of speach on all topics, accross the board, from politics to religion.

  62. says:

    Since we have no law against disrespecting the emir, and one feels that he/she will not break the law when one critises the emir, then why not have a law that exsist in Thailand, whereby, by law, any one dissrespecting the king of thailand will face punishment… This way it would be clear that one is breaking a law.
    My 2 cents on this issue is that it was rather exagerated a bit, and they might have been some resistance towards the arrest. Maybe the arresting police officers were a little heavy handed, and might get their wrists slapped.. who knows. More news will come out soon.. all will be clarified. There’s bound to be some kind of damage control on this issue.

  63. Mark deSouza says:

    Fake Mark? You do know that there are MANY Mark’s. Not everyone is named Ahmad and Tariq. Gosh.

  64. Anonymous says:

    We do have a law against disrespecting the emir which we dearly uphold.

  65. Faber-Castellِ says:

    MpJs, go do your homework.

  66. Nasser says:

    We will not let those Secret Police bastards who were involved in this illegal arrest and detention go unpunished!

    They will be brought to juctice..This cannot happen, and will not happen again in Kuwait!

  67. chikapappi says:

    45. Kuwaitya | August 20th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    My darling Mark,

    If you don’t feel good living in kuwait, enjele3, ethlef 3an deratna….ebtalashna

    انجلع, اذلف عن ديرتنا….ابتلشنا بهالأشكال, عايشه على خير ديرتنا وهم تسب وتذم

    اذا أكرمت الكريم ملكته و اذا أكرمت اللئيم تمردا

    Why not be civil when leaving a comment! Laykoun you are paying Mark, me or my family salaries from your own pocket o ana mo 3arfa!

    Come on for god’s sake! get over this & grow up! Shallow!

  68. Faber-Castellِ says:

    Technically, we are paying Mark’s salary.

  69. whynotkw says:

    Hello Everyone,
    their is more to this than what we have heard, MOI has followed procedure legally, lets not jump on the bandwagon untill all the facts are out on the table, Kuwait is known to have freedom of speech and has a democracy one should be proud of.

  70. says:

    “This is a national security crime” he said, referring to article article 25 of criminal law which states a prison term “not exceeding five years will be handed down to anyone who publicly challenges the rights or authorities of the Amir or insults him – whether in speech, writing, drawing, or any other means of expression.”
    I was wrong, we do apparently have a law against dissrespecting the Emir. But somehow am disapointed that we are in need of this law.

  71. Anonymous says:

    whynotkw: Don’t be so naive. Being an idealist is like digging your own grave. I believe its just to set the boundries; it was never the case where the people of Kuwait worried about insulting the Emir because it is not of our nature.

  72. Um Meshari says:

    OH My Goodness,
    why are you all stressing!
    Happens all the time
    My son was picked up, took me A Week to find out where he was. A week of not being able to sleep or eat or leave the house in case he called.
    He was 18 and a Kuwaiti
    They do what they like and everyone knpows they have ways of making you talk and you will talk, even if you don’t know what you are talking about.
    Everone in Kuwait knows about this…….why the shock, horror and dismay?

  73. lukas says:

    I am not kuwaiti, I am a south african and a white male, does not matter where you go every country has their own rules, if you don’t like it get out, but don’t judge a country for what the belive in and the traditions they follow, look at your own faults as a country and sort out your own redneck problems, kuwait is a wonderfull place if you have respect for people and what they stand for, I am going to life their now for 2 years and I can’t wait.

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