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iphone kuwait

Found the above ad on the Sultan Center notice board. I also heard zMacShop are selling it but don’t know for how much.

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  1. Welcome back mark … Well regarding unlocking the iPhone it is really interesting since few people succeed

  2. mushroom says:

    iphone makes me moan..
    the price so high i wana die..
    now its unlocked, i wish you luck

    all words rhyme because its time
    OMG i got to go, see you all in a day or so.


    i prefer this instead >>

  3. cajie says:

    KD 500!!!!
    What a ripoff.

    Lots of people are unlocking their iphones using different methods.

  4. mushroom says:

    iphone makes me moan
    the price so high i wana die

    phone unlocked i wish u luck
    whats up with my rhyme i guess its time
    OMG i got to go, see you in a day or so..


  5. Stafa says:

    just called zmacshop, they dont have it..who told u they did?

  6. garaga says:

    I just got mine, did not start the unlocking yet. touch screen is nice , but there is hell lot of limitation

  7. sar7an says:

    500 KD?! What a rip off! In the U.S it’s only $600 that is approximately 150 KD. I

  8. dalooom says:

    I think the 4gb is $600.. anyway its still overpriced!!

  9. myk says:

    LOL @ mushroom.

    I wouldn’t risk spending 500kd on an unlocked “hacked” phone. In fact, I wouldn’t spend 500kd on a phone period.

  10. clear my doubts guys … the $$$ for a piece of micro hardware to be added or its just the hacking software charges?

  11. The Seller ;) says:

    Hey guys, my friend sent me this like when he noticed my number in the AD, the Price is High I know, and I wouldn’t buy it for that much! but it took me long hours of hard work to unlock it. So if you don’t want to pay extra money to get a fully working iPhone then do like me ;)

  12. MeeM says:

    500 KD! I think if you negotiate with one of those people who hack it in the internet would cost you around 25$ TO 50$.. I watch one of the ad’s on youtube for a french man who crack it and he was testing the iphone with his friend and guess what?! his friend number was showing up in the phone screen :) it wasn’t that clear but i played that video many times to write down the full number, so I can call him later and ask him for the software to unlock the Iphone.

  13. Na9er iLMlaifi says:

    Guys, the unlocking software is gonna be out reaally soon..there are two websites online who plan on releasing it…www.iphoneunlocking.com and iphonesimfree.com..check back from time to time..

  14. Moey says:

    I can get, the 8GB one for 400 KD and works with all lines, if interested msg me on +972-79-9707752

  15. Snake says:

    Would rather get a car than that mobile… it’s a mobile after all. Long live my w880i, n95 =]

  16. rv says:

    there are some fake iPhones on the market. made in china. the main give-away are cheesy animations when u turn it on. i doubt the ones unlocked in US will make it to Kuwait this soon.

  17. Ali Bonga says:

    If you ask me, I think iphone is a big hype and a waste of money!

  18. Zorbon says:

    Come on guyz…when you see MTC/Wataniya numbers advertised for 10,000 KD (And even more sometimes) is it really that weird to see this :)

  19. Bo Bader says:

    Don’t waste your money. as soon as you hook it up and update the software it will lock itself again. If you choose not to update then you will be missing all the future upgrades. My advice, wait until its available. One thing about the iphone “No Arabic Support”.

  20. 214b says:

    Best thing to do is order the phone off the net and then get the steps to unlock it from: http://iphonesimfree.com/

    Will save you much money. Working for me now on MTC.

  21. 214b says:

    looks like they pulled it off their website for now. It’ll be up soon

  22. nasser says:

    How did you get it to work with MTC? I have the iphone unlocked but cant make or recieve calls with MTC

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