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Videos of Hurricane Kuwaitina

Lots of videos are showing up on YouTube of Hurricane Kuwaitina. Here are the best so far:

Souk Sharq, Tornado Day (embedded above)
الماي داخل مركز السلطان سوق شرق
غرقت سوق شرق
hani rain 1
Snow in Kuwait
Kuwait First Twister
Holding ice in Kuwait
Hurricane Sibeecha
Hurricane Kuwaitina

Looks like Souk Sharq got pretty messed up.

16 replies on “Videos of Hurricane Kuwaitina”

I thought you had to go alphabetically, female name then male name, if this were the first it would be hurricane Abrar ;D!

Mark! Dammmmmit why wasn’t I told earlier?!?

Its to late now, it took waaaaaaay too much time to do it I dont feel like changing the video!

Im sticking to Sibeecha!!

A comment from a person who’s not in kuwait at the current moment:
HOW??? on earth did the water get in the middle of souq sharq?
I mean did the skylight break or something?

The video you’ve embedded makes me think “typical Kuwait”. 4 people with brushes, ALL pushing water at each other. Well done finding a way to actually get the water “out” of the building!

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