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Just got my two tickets to the Volleyball Tournament this weekend held by The Communication Zone. Its going to be at Kempinski Hotel this Friday. Supposingly over a thousand tickets were sold so its going to be really crowded..

Here is a larger picture of the tickets

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So today my friend got up at 7 30. Prepared the bags and took her twins down to wjhat was Kempinski resort and is now Sea Shell Resort. The twins are 3 – a boy and a girl. My friend is Spanish married to Kuwaiti and she wears hijab.

When she got there and went to pay, she was told by the receptionist that the boy twin ‘couldn’t go in the ladies pool’…… a ‘new’ rule apparently from 2 days ago.

Angered , she spoke with the PR manager, a Mr Marzook- he was very nice and quite confused himself as to why on earth a 3 year old boy would be ‘banned ‘ from the ladies / no men pool.

Having driven for 30 minutes with two excited toddlers, my friend had to load the car again and drive back home to Salwa.

This is disgusting. What can the ladies be getting up to in the ladies pool that they would want to exclude small children? It can’t be for any religious reason , otherwise tese ladies would not be wearing swimsuits in front of anyone ( women included).

My friend had even been thinking of booking a chalet there for a few nights- the PR Mr Marzook told her, ”even if you had paid 400KD for a chalet, you still couldn’t bring your son into the pool”.


I am very upset to read about this incident that happened to you at Sea Shell Hotel & Resort latley. I am from the owning company and I if you may Email me with your contact info in order to apologize from you personally for what happened. I asure you that there is a misunderstanding and we don’t have such rule.

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