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Wasta Gone Bad

Back in March I was trying to get Nat wasta because she needed a paper from the government saying she could get license. There is a law that says if you have been in Kuwait less then 2 years then you need special permission to get a license. A friend at work told me he knew someone who could get me the papers. So I gave him all of Nat’s papers and he took them and gave them to the guy. A week later the guy comes back and tells me the wasta wants a ticket to Egypt. I was like what? No way, I knew some other people who had offered to help for free, one of them was Nibaq. So I told the guy from work forget about it, get me the papers and I will find someone else to help. Next day he comes to the office he is like the wasta went ahead and did your papers, all he wants in return is a cheap phone. I was like OK thats not a problem, atleast the papers are signed.

I went and bought the wasta a Nokia 2600 for KD30 and sent it to him. The gift got rejected and I posted about it back then here. Turns out the wasta wanted a Nokia phone that costed around KD145. I told the guy at work that no way I was gonna pay KD145, I told him if the guy was also gonna get Nat her license then maybe I would. He was like the guy said he would help her out with the eye test. I told him she doesn’t need help in the eye test. The guy at work told me I was right forget about it.

Since that time till now every week a couple of times the guy at work keeps telling me the wasta is asking about his phone. Now past two days the guy at work is telling me the wasta is really pissed and he has been threatening him and crap. I told him what do you want me to do? He was like get him the phone. I was like no way why should I. He was like because he did the papers. I was like come on I told you not to do them anymore.

Anyway to summarize things, the wasta is threatening the guy from work, telling him he will do bad things to him and now the guy from work is scared and has been begging me all day to help me out. This situation is really pissing me off.

How I see it, its the fault of the guy from work. a) He should have gotten me the papers when I told him I didn’t want to get the guy the ticket. b) he shouldn’t have told me a cheap phone is what the guy wants. c) when the guy kept asking him when I was going to get him the phone he should have told him the story about how I was told a cheap phone would do and if its an expensive phone I didn’t want any help.

Am I right here?

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sorry to hear how you were put in such a situation. i absolutely back you on not buying the phone. i mean, can that guy really harm ur co-worker or is he just threatening him. from my experience, people who threaten and so on, are the ones that just speak but dont really act.

Man i never heard of such a law. Almost all the people i know who went to work in Kuwait usually start driving ASAP are u sure about it. But i really think you shouldn’t give him anything, people should accept a token of gratitude and not dictate what it should be lolz

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