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Weird Antennas

I’ve been noticing cars with these two antennas sticking out of the back. Not sure if it’s just a trend or they actually serve a purpose.

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Fad started in the UAE…they serve no purpose as they are fake and are only for self importance sadly! Reminds me and others of Lebanon

Yup, this comes from the UAE. The natives over there believe that these increase the overall coverage of the GPS, especially when you are in the desert. It gets weirder, because some people made a whole business out of it and are actually selling bigger ones, claiming better results.

they were originally created for people that go really far into the dessert. these are used for receiving better radio and cellular service. But the new trend in Kuwait is to buy them and just put them with no connection and no purpose

They’re just a trend.. some people put on a station which is much taller they’re used for the desert (mthl 7ag laselkeyat) hathe ham haba yededa

Mark something similar to it are sold here in the US Antenna for strengthen the radio reception.

GPS needs only “clear line of sight” to fuction and these antennas are all for show. A good exmple of car owners with bad taste.

speaking as an FCC license holder allows me to work on radio, television transmitters and receivers they do nothing. They are in the same class as people who sleep under a pyramid structures to in increase mental power and covering your head in tin foil to keep the aliens from reading your thoughts.

But if you put the antenna on your truck / car parking under a pyramid shaped garage covered in tin foil rev the engine to 1524.67 rpm tune your radio to 103.64 mz and repeat goo goo ga ga 3 times forward for future backwards for reverse you can time travel via a time worm hole just remember to fill up first not many petro stations in the distant past or in the future.

They call them “aerialat fazza3”, because Sheikh Hamdan AKA Fazza3 had them installed on his car, almost every G55 in Dubai copied him. And then the Land Cruisers and Patrols followed, and then FJs, and then RAV4s!

HIA, You are right, i am from Kerala (India) Malbari lol.

Well this trend has been moved to india now , Especially in Kerala most of the people who are in link up with UAE have it on their Hatch/Sedan /SUV/MUV. We call it here as “Shiek Antenna” 🙂

This is just a style purpose, and a Head turner or let others look n think what it stands for ?? Keep on thinking lol.

Actually if you ever watch the news, the real ones do serve a purpose. Presidental vehicles in the US, particularly the secret service vehicles have them. But here in the Middle East, its just for decoration!

I asked about them in the Canada Dry (Share3 el zeina street) and they asked for 5 KD for each of these “horn” silly looking thingies!!

The ones in the picture are called fazza3at, they serve no purpose. But the original antennas which the sheiks used in the uae were fitted on there G-classes are called katrina shyooki. they are used for wi-fi, radio use and they cost more 100 kd each

The drivers use them to download Al watan/arab times crime section directly to their tiny brains (which also have 2 tiny antennas hidden under the gutra). LOL

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