Winners of en.v’s Voice for Success Competition

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The Voice for Success program was initiated by en.v to give greater visibility to social activists who are trying to make a positive impact on their society and community. The videos and articles were created by en.v to celebrate the achievements of people we consider successful, not in the traditional sense of being C.E.O. of a company or a film star, but because they have dedicated themselves to a specific cause / issue, doing what they can to make a positive contribution.

The Voice for Success program recently announced the winners to their online competition. The three winners were Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh, a leading Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, academic and political researcher; Maali Al Asousi, co-founder of the Business and Professional Women’s Kuwaiti chapter and founder and chairwoman of Tamkeen, a non-profit organization promoting development in the Arab world; and last but not least, Zeina Al Sultan, founder of the Special Mothers group working to raise awareness about adoption and promoting the rights of orphaned / abandoned children and adoptive parents in Kuwait.

The video above is for Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh. [YouTube]
Here is a link to Maali Al Asousi’s video [YouTube]
Here is a link to an article on Zeina Al Sultan [Link]

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  1. N says:

    Great Awareness! Thank You! Golden Triangle segment at 3:19 why is there UAE police meeting when Mr.Nasser was narrating thanking the ministry of interior, nothing mentioned about UAE. Thank You again, Emwafageen inshAllah

  2. madman says:

    A shame there r no comments supporting women rights yet people comment on food and games. Not they’re not important as too but u get my point.
    women are the other half and without them societies is nothing

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