Worlds Fattest Countries

Post by Mark

Kuwait is the 8th fattest country in the world, even ahead of the US! [Link]

1. Nauru
2. Micronesia
3. Cook Islands
4. Tonga
5. Niue
6. Samoa
7. Palau
8. Kuwait
9. United States
10. Kiribati

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  1. nQ says:

    i REFUSE to believe this!
    NO! WTF? lose weight ppl!

  2. limited_edition says:

    At first i was like NOOO WAYY 74%!! Can’t be! Then i thought about all the fat people imkarsheen min il 3aysh, and now i actually believe this…DAMN! There show be a “the biggest loser” for the world wide world and Kuwait should be the first to join! COmon people…run!!

  3. Stafa says:

    should have been number 1 lol!

  4. zoomzoom says:

    i can’t believe that, yes kuwait have alot of “fat asses” but how they reach the 8’th in the world!??

  5. RaZ says:

    ironically the answer is the previous post. If you notice most kids in kuwait are obese, not even fat. Junk food galour, and they all got mobiles from when they are 5.

  6. equalizer says:

    Nauru is a very interesting story to learn about. Went from nothing to rich to fat to corrupt to poor again. hint hint

  7. Stafa says:

    Nauru’s population is 13000!

  8. UzF says:

    Lol what is this? I can only recognize countries #8 and #9!! No offence to the other countries but their names are funny.. #2 reads like mac-n-cheese haha
    But come on, in a country where 5 people live and 3 are obese you have a 60% obesety rate. this probably applies to the majority of this list as it obviously measures %ages.

  9. Moe says:

    :( I could stand to lose a few kilos

  10. Hussain says:

    At least we are included in FORBES Ranking :P

  11. Nael says:

    They calculate the % of country’s population that are fat, even if the US’s population is like 100 times more than Kuwait’s.

    Overweight in Kuwait (Self observation, not making this up) is related to different factors:

    1- The majority have cars, vehicles, or even personal drivers.
    2- Lack of physical activities, the most popular activity among most kids, teenagers or even adults is video games.
    3- When fast food places are in every corner, cheap and are easy to access. Heck, the only time you need to move your ass is when the delivery guy arrives.
    4- When junk food or even regular food are plentiful and cheap.
    5- Other factors.

  12. Angelo says:

    This does make sense but still kinda surprised. I wonder how they have done the survey?

  13. Chowawa says:

    The main reason of all. we have nothing to do in kuwait, movies are cut, girls think they worth billions, and we had enough of staying at home.

    all we can do is eat to compensate. Plus i believe these numbers are of the people living in the more expensive places. In sabah al salem or f7ay7eel, u wud barely see an overweight kuwaiti.

  14. KJ says:

    OMG! Last thing I expected is to have an Arab country in the top ten list

  15. Marzouq says:

    I’m not surprised, there is no encouragement to go to the gym here, and if they don’t eat they smoke a shitload!

  16. LeP says:

    chk this site out
    a collegue at wrk started this weight loss club..n t think t idea is brilliant…

  17. Kshatriya says:

    Kuwaitis won’t even get their asses of their car to buy a pack of Marlboro’s or labaan, but guys here wants them 2 run!!!

  18. mocman says:

    its all a jewish plot.. they gonna make you all fat and then slaughter you.. and then take the oil

  19. Sam says:

    And there I was making fun of my American buddies they hail from the world’s fattest nation. Taking population ratios into account, I guess I can see why Kuwait comes 8th.

  20. Happy Wolf says:

    With more fastfood shops opening we will be No 1 by next year.. BTW aren’t we the no1 in Diabetes ?

  21. moocherx says:

    sort-of related is this about Ruby Tuesday’s 2,000 calorie “colossal burger”

  22. Biohazard says:

    We’re the best at everything!

  23. Mark deSouza says:

    Did they take into account the skinny bangladeshi and indian expats?

  24. lett says:

    mocman i totally agree

  25. Meme says:

    wtff… thiss iss unbelievablleee!!!!!!!!!!
    this is nothing to be proud off!!!
    i no inna kel kuwaiti rich and all bass stiill!!!!
    like SERIOUSLY unbelievablee!!!!!!!

  26. Peter says:

    Unfortunate…yes…its a call to action. SImply put the measure of any nation’s health is 1) amount of physical activity, 2) obesity and diabetes. To keep obesity down starts with proper nutrition and exercise / sports.

    Saudi Arabia is proceeding with a national initiative to improve itself, we need the same in Kuwait. Be thankful that Type 2 Diabetes has not yet hit Kuwait as bad as it has hit elsewhere. Sadly, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi are ahead in those unfortunate statistics.

  27. Nael says:

    Fahad should comment on this one! :)

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