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Post by Mark

I just found the NBK Yabeela! commercials online while trying to find a local production company. They also have some other locally created commercials. [Link]

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  1. unknown2 says:

    all of them that r made in Q8 like Yabela,Kamefek..etc r BORING and pointless..i hate them all ….

  2. Mark says:

    i dont like the yabeela ads but they did turn out to be really catchy.

  3. Moe says:

    Haha, in the Yabeela(Ahmed) comercial if you keep replaying it from 0.03 ’till 4 it looks like he’s giving you a kiss.

  4. Yazeed says:

    they sucked
    and they were not what a bank as big as NBK should do. but they worked.

  5. Yazeed says:

    just visited their site. boy do these guys suck. they have all the annoying comercialls you see in ramadhan, and they are not just this year’s, they go back to 2003

  6. Talal says:

    They were OK, I guess…Typical Arab commercials, really…

    Do you (or anyone else, for the matter) know of any websites that feature Arabic commercials? I’d love to watch some for old times’ sake!

  7. Mark says:

    well there is this other production company that has some online as well


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