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Zain’s Traffic Violation Notification Service (Mukhalfaty)


A friend of mine told me about this service so I called up Zain today and signed up to it. Basically the service sends you an SMS whenever you get a fine. To activate the service it costs KD3 and every time you get a traffic violation they send you an SMS with details on the violation and that SMS costs 250fils. If you want to sign up you need to call them on 107.

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thats hilarious and sneaky and useful all at the same time

am totally signing up

but the question is – do u get an sms right after the violation or is it delayed like their web system

hmmm .. i dont know why is it so interesting to be told by sms, that “you were caught violating the law” .. i think its “free” and “safe” to stay within the limits of the law.

Waste of money – (my view).

I mean, You can check your traffic violations online anyways. Receiving a text message confirming that you have been fined.. kind of pointless, especially when the damn thing is going to cost you 250 fils per text.

No, it is not the amount that is of concern here. One probably blows a lot more than that on ciggs or other stuff.

The point is..that why pay for something, that REALLY DOESN’T make a difference.

I am speeding, I get a text message in a few hours (or the next morning, or the next day) – You WERE SPEEDING, YOU HAVE BEEN FINED.. 30 bucks.. and now the total cost hitting you is 30.250

Even if the charge for the text message was 20 fils (standard SMS charges), I would still say it is pointless, simply because, well IT IS POINTLESS.

But then, that is just my view.

Also I think 3 KD is a total ripoff. What if I subscribe and then never get a ticket? πŸ˜€ That’ll be 3 good KDs I’ll never see again


Good point πŸ™‚ . But just a question, lets say – you do subscribe, and you DO GET a traffic violation and you are duly notified with a text message, – do you SERIOUSLY believe that then this service is actually WORTH IT?

I am sure there are many people who don’t mind paying for convenience (I am one of them). The thing that I can’t understand is, how does this service make things convenient? How does it improve my ‘Traffic Violating’ and/or ‘Fine-Paying’ experience?

It would be a different thing if they let you settle your fines through your cell phone. See now THAT would actually be worth it.

For some weird reason, even on the MOI website, I have (so far) been unable to settle my speeding fines online.

Lord Raj

I think the service itself is a great idea (although it should be free). Most of the people who will be using the service have a couple of cars with other people driving them (drivers/siblings) .. this informs them about the ticket as its processed.

Its true that the violations are available online, but I am sure most people have better things to do than check the website every day.

Lord Raj as someone who just paid KD680 for ticket fines, this service is extremely extremely extremely handy for me. It could have saved me KD650 if I had it activated before.

I am not going to check out the website daily and plugin my civil id card to see if I got a ticket or not. I would rather pay KD3 and have someone check my violations daily and this is what this service does. So I don’t understand how you think this service doesn’t make a difference when in reality it will be helping people stop speeding.

Mark –

Hey, If it works for you, then great πŸ™‚

Who knows, perhaps it is helpful and may be it might be a good deterrent against over-speeding.

I just don’t see it that way.

I mean, after paying up the fines (no where around 680, but somewhere to the tune of 500), I haven’t stopped speeding.

I don’t see how KNOWING that I have a fine, is going to make me slow down.

Checking the website daily.. hmm well, isn’t too much of a hassle for me (firefox and even IE let you save form information so you don’t have to type it over and over again). but then, like I said, it is just my view.

Again – If it works for you, then great. πŸ™‚

Who the hell wants to pay money to know that he has lost some money, i mean it ridiculous, especially when it’s free on the MOI website.

Mokhalafty!!! Im Kind of in a pickle about this one, on one hand yes i would like to know that i’m speeding, or i ran a red light but then why would i wanna get a reminder 50,60, 30, 10 KD!!!! PAY PAY PAY *lol*
the MOI site is not that bad i mean you can even pay it online…
now zain needs to think about this one….


Lord Raj my speed used to hover around 120-130km every morning on the gulf road and now after getting my speeding tickets its gone down to 90-100km so it has worked for me. It didn’t work for you fine but that doesn’t mean it wont work for everyone.

How much time does it take to check your fines every day on the moi website? 2 minutes? 2 minutes over 5 years is how much?

365x5x2=3650 divide that by 60 and the answer is 60.8. Thats the amount of hours accumulated over 5 years of you just checking the website daily for fines. I don’t know about you but my 1 hour is worth more than KD3.

Well that is nice…

I didn’t say it would work for everyone or won’t work for anyone.

I mentioned CLEARLY that it is MY VIEW.

Chill mate.

thanks for the airthemetic.

You take a consolidated view over 5 years.. I like to break it down and am cool with 2 minutes a day.

BTW.. one doesn’t have to check EVERY DAY.. it doesn’t even get updated that often. Once a week is usually more than enough.

To each his own. Works for you,… cool. doesn’t work for me, so I just shared my view.

I actually used 5 years but in reality its a lifetime service so if you would like to see how much time it would cost you over 10 years you just double it and you get 120 hours. KD3 or 120 hours? πŸ˜‰

10 years.. 3 KD + 250 fils for every text message .. 120 hrs very cool.

checking the website every week for free .. hmm

tonns of ways of going about it mate. Depends on how one looks at it.

Again.. If it works for you.. GREAT πŸ™‚

Drive within the limits OR be smart to remember where the camera is =

Avoid 680kd in fines
Avoid 3kd in zain activations
Avoid 250fils per sms
… and avoid this needless discussion.

I tried finding wasta to cancel my fines or get some kind of reduction but it was impossible to find. supposedly you can’t cancel fines anymore cuz its all monitored by computer or some shit.

I am amazed to see the number of people overspeeding in kuwait. I don’t overspeed in normal circumstances unless if i am tired of driving. I drive at 60 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph. There is no speeding tickets in my driving history in the US. Perhaps, driving at the speed limit also keeps you safer, because there have been several occasions when a deer came in front of my car.

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