Breitling now open

Post by Mark

Last year Breitling got a new owner in Kuwait and last week they opened their first flagship store at Al Hamra Tower. I’ve got a personal attachment to the brand since I had one in high school and later got another one after graduating from university. The new store is located right next to Panerai on the ground floor.

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  1. Boca Mocha says:

    What drew you to Breitling originally, or was it a gift from the start? For me I started with an Omega because my grandfather had one, then went to hamilton, oris, and zenith, after reading up haha.

    On another note, have you ever been to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, they still have some of the original H-Masters, by John Harrison it’s amazing.

    Here is an awesome book to check out, similar to the book “Salt”

    • Mark says:

      breitling dealer was near my place and my dad was into the brand so thats how i got into it originally.

      fyi: omega to hamilton and then oris is a step down not up.

      • Boca Mocha says:

        Yeah, I know. That was just the purchase history. For me hamilton and oris anyday compared to lots of others out there that are selling for more.

        FYI, haha. That had me rolling.

  2. Maged says:

    Finally someone is taking good care of the brand, will never forget how poor was their showroom in marina mall ,

  3. Fawaz says:

    Nautica for 4 Life if it gets dirty The magical Spit turns it Brand new again!

  4. Abu Zaga says:

    hey mark! u ned to post moar stuff !!!!

  5. PKG says:

    swatch (back in the days.. lol) to Tissot to Frederique Constant to Omega.. Now, thinking bout the Brietling Navitimer.. it just looks amazing!

  6. vampire says:

    u had a Breitling when in high school!!!
    u must be wearing a Panerai right now ;)

  7. Ankit says:

    Dear Mark, first of all thanks for the post! I’ve been searching for an official Breitling store in Kuwait. Want to pick up a new watch and by any chance would you have their phone number? It’s not available on Breitling’s website or on Hamra’s website.

    I have a Breitling watch whose strap broke while dancing away at a wedding and I’d really like to get it repaired by Sunday since I have an event where I’d like to wear.

    I’d like to call and check if they do repairs/servicing.


  8. joe says:

    This country has all the brands in the world. Why is everyone so freekky about brands. Why cant some good enterprneur open up some kuwaiti heritage restaurants or arab cusines without depending on the west ?
    Any country in the world should have and promote their own culture and lifestyle rather than blindly following others.

  9. Lucky says:

    fyi, its not their 1st store. there are several breitling stores open and in business before the hamara location. there is marina mall, old salmiya, salhiya then hamra mall.

    • Mark says:

      FYI not only is this their first branch in kuwait it’s also their first flagship store in the region. The stores you’re talking about were called al nibras who carried the breitling brand as well as ebel and several other brands. They sold breitling but they were not a breitling store.

  10. Reza says:

    Breitling boutique
    Sharq Al-hamra mall
    Tel.: +965 22270290

    U can ask for me
    Im working there

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