1,001 Old Ads

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Last month an ebook containing 1,001 vintage ads from old Kuwaiti newspapers was released by the Dawood Treasury. The ads are grouped into categories to make it easier to navigate but sadly the whole ebook is only available as an Adobe Flash based flip book. It’s difficult to navigate, it’s slow, it spends forever loading and there is no way you could download it to view it later on your iPad or laptop. It sucks that they went through all that effort to create this ebook but then to make it so inaccessible. In any case check it out [Here]

Thanks Adnan

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  1. You think that boing in the ad is still in the fleet?

  2. blackswan says:

    Mark, there`s a way to actually get it offline and transfer it to your iPad or whatever device you use.
    Once you open the link to the book in the flipping window you also get one print button. Just click on it, choose one of the 3 options (first will be the whole book, second – no idea, 3- range) and hit print. Once the printing options are appearing, choose save as PDF..and that will be all. Tried it for 15 pages only and it works. BTW, i`m using Chrome browser so don`t know if it will work under Safari or other browsers.

  3. Rayboy says:

    mark i have an old alghanim electronics booklet of their offers. my dad had it and gave it to me.dont know if its worth anything. but just memories what they used to sell.

  4. Anon says:

    These are nice, bit I wish I could also see a bunch of old (late 60s, 70s,80s) ads from Kuwait in English, just for old times sake.

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