Azgardian – The Comic Book Store

Post by Mark

If you’re into comic books and graphic novels you really don’t have that many options in Kuwait. Azgardian is a small store dedicated to just comics and according to them, they’re the first comic book store in Kuwait. The store is located in Rihab Complex but they also have a delivery service if you don’t want to drive into Hawalli. For more information and to check out some of their collection, visit their instagram account [Here]

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  1. stk90 says:

    interesting .. any idea of average cost of comics in Kuwait ? (hope its not in kilos…)

  2. Ahmed says:

    Any PC gaming store in Rihab. I want to build a gaming PC.

    • Hamad says:

      Say no more, I gotchya fam: they can build you a costume PC. GLHF!

    • Kuwait says:

      Bin Khaldon street is your destination. You will find any part you want even if its not available in a particular shop, they will just bring it for you from another one. Just give them your specs, and they’ll build it for your in under 75 minutes.

      Quadra is convenient but more expensive. You could like save around 100 KD if you actually go to bin khaldoon and haggle.

  3. Rickstove Stunic says:

    What’s happened Mark? Your posts nowadays are few and far between. I eagerly wait for your 3 posts every afternoon.

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