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James Brown Newspaper Clippings – 1978

While at the National Library recently, I found a few newspaper clippings related to James Brown when he visited Kuwait back in 1978. I was hoping to find more coverage in the papers but I searched through 1 month worth of AlQabas newspapers and only found a few ads and one article. I’m gonna go back and try to look for more in other newspapers but for now, I’m gonna share the ones I found. One is on top and the rest are below. If only the library didn’t have the most impractical opening hours…

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Check out the prices. Its no exaggeration to say that its 100 times more expensive now. I don’t know any salary that increased by 100x during that time. Not even a minister’s salary.

Also its hilarious and interesting and weird that they used to have a section about who left the country to vacation in which country.

haha didn’t even notice that. What i found interesting was the amount of ads from different brands wishing people a merry christmas. i should go back take a photo of them and dedicate a whole post for it.

If you told me that was a picture of a random Kuwaiti guy in the 70s I would believe you. Love seeing this stuff. Also good to see impressions of famous people who visited a longtime ago who were very critical about it like Andy Warhol – everyone talks about the “Golden Age” of Kuwait but he was here during it and like “This is boring. There’s nothing here. There’s like 3 roads. Food bad”

Thank you for posting this Mark. I am from Augusta, Ga, James Brown’s hometown. Im going to show this to my folks back home. They would love to see this.

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