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Ice Skating at The Avenues

There’s a new ice skating place at The Avenues called Below Zero. It’s located in the basement right below The Forum (the large dome in Phase 4 where Arabica and Baker & Spice are). Sadly the place is just for children up to 13 years of age which got me thinking. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the whole lower level of The Forum was a large circular ice skating rink? Currently, that space is empty with nothing there except for those open-air elevators and a large robot.

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Imagine the complete lower basement was laser tag and an arcade… I mean I haven’t seen an arcade in Kuwait that’s worth visiting anymore.. The last time I had fun playing arcade games was over 10 years back in entertainment city.

I really wish they will bring entertainment city back from the dead.

Try visiting Mas Arena Behind the Avenues mall, opposite of True Value- they got laser tag, sky zone (trampoline arena), and a VR center all in one place. You’ll find it’s really beautifully designed and a fun change!

Fighting games: Am I joke to you?
but seriously though, the way I like to see is that arcade isn’t about the production value of the games being played. I love the human interaction when it comes to playing games (something the 8th generation of games doesn’t account for anymore) and this is why I’m more into boardgames because of the social aspect to it. Being plugged-off (for the most part) is also an upside. So yeah, arcades might be dead but for the wrong reasons..

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