Wilgrow – Gourmet vegan cuisine

If you’re vegan and are looking for a new place to eat there is a new restaurant that recently opened up called Wilgrow. I haven’t been to the place yet since I’m generally only interested in vegan food when my vegan best friend is in town but, going by the pictures alone, it looks like a cute place.

Wilgrow is located in Al-Bidea area at the Dhai Complex and you can find them on Google Maps. They’re open daily except for Sundays.

Photos from @formkw

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Mark, I remember introducing you to Udupi five years ago, I had a complete and total blast with you! I remember you especially liking the Gobi Manchurian which is my personal favorite as well.

Dave – Udupi is Indian “pure veg” matlab some of their dishes contain dairy.

The food at Wilgrow is delicious! I am not a vegan but I truly enjoyed my meal. Definitely recommend you try!

I meant *I* totally pronounced matlab like a white girl. I didn’t assume your gender or ethnicity so namaste and all that ✌🏽

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