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The New Larger CAP Bookshop

The CAP Bookshop which carries amazing publishers like Assouline, Phaidon, Taschen and Thames & Hudson has moved into a much larger space next to their old location. The new location is at least 5 to 6 times larger than their previous space and they now have a lot more books on display.

This easily was one of my favorite bookshops in Kuwait and it’s gotten even better now. If you want to pass by and check it out it’s located on the top floor of Life Center in Shuwaikh, right next to Contemporary Art Platform. Google Maps

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Bougie Khaleejis who want to make themselves look more cultured or want fill empty bookshelves for aesthetics would buy these kinds of books 😂

First of all, I don’t read coffee table books. Second of all, you don’t know anything about me, so your assumption is false.

It was pretty clear from your previous comment that you didn’t read books that weren’t novels or else you wouldn’t have made that snarky comment.

the underground parking is payed by the way and this place is on the first floor take the escalator….

I visited today to get the Vacheron Constantin book ( I really love watch books so if you’re into watches, I recommend you check the book out) and they also have so many other books about architecture, cooking and etc. In all honesty, a really fun and beautiful place to visit to whenever you’re in Shwuaikh. Theres even underground parking in the area where the bookstore is located (luckily its away from the harsh sun & heat as I hate parking outdoors during the summer) with some really cool classic and sports cars too.

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