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New iMacs are Now in Kuwait

Spotted the brand new colored iMac at Gait this weekend. The price for the entry model is KD450 which isn’t so bad when compared to Apple’s US price of KD390 (not including shipping or tax). I ordered my iMac from the US store but only because I needed custom specs (1TB and 16GB of RAM) but if I was looking for a standard build I think I would have most likely purchased it locally.

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No local customs on computers, you would just have to pay clearance fees. In the US it depends where you ship the computer to but it could be 0% tax or around 8-9% tax.

The online apple stores won’t ship outside the apple store countries, to Apple US store won’t ship outside US, Apple UK store won’t ship outside UK etc..

No I meant through They will have the new iMacs starting June 23, and they can ship direct to Kuwait. I never tried shipping anything from Amazon direct to Kuwait, and was wondering if they take American tax or not.

I don’t think is allowed to ship Macs directly to Kuwait. Only certain products can ship directly to Kuwait and if you try to order a Mac at the moment on their website and choose Kuwait as your address it will say you can’t.

I decided to get the M1 Mac Mini instead, and I will also do the same, order it from the USA

Mark, did you order it from the Apple US store, or somewhere else?

Depends what you’re shipping, laptops will be cheaper than iMacs for example. New iMac is pretty light so would cost less than 20kd to ship with Shop&Ship and slightly more with MyUS.

Not worth the hassle though of ordering online based on market prices. Gait is still for 450, if you order with myUS online and not pay taxes just shipping, you’ll end up paying around 420-425KD for it shipped to Kuwait.

It’s worth paying the 25KD extra and buying it locally and having the peace of mind. Also you won’t have to deal with MyUS or the hassle of online ordering and wondering if local mac stores will cover the warranty if something goes wrong etc.

Only worth ordering online if you want something customized.

Also if its 450KD at Gait then expect the local grey market prices to be less probably around 10-20kd less bringing it even closer to US prices.

Didn’t ship yet since its build to order but don’t really care about the bezel color. I’ve had multiple white ibooks before and there were three generations of original iMacs that had white bezels. Never was an issue and wouldn’t be one for me now.

You’re comparing a desktop to a laptop so really depends on your needs. If you want a laptop then yes MacBook over the iMac. If portability isn’t important then iMac since it has a larger screen and the new M1 chip.

Even if you want a MacBook Pro I’d wait a bit for the new ones to come out using Apples M chip. They’re going through a shift now and transitioning all their computers to the new super fast snd super efficient chips so you’d be buying previous era Apple right now with the i9.

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