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Having breakfast at the hotel. The drive here wasn’t too bad, took us an hour and a half and there was no traffic. (Posted from my Nokia E61i)

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  1. Co0oLY says:

    Are you in Kuwait now ?
    aren’t the weather Dusty ;/

  2. Riddle says:

    Is that the beach motel or the Le meridien ?

  3. Random says:

    Whats the hotel called? Hows the service? Hows the beach? REVIEW REVIEW and more pics please :)

  4. Zahed says:

    BRO the hotel looks nice

  5. So …. why are you there?

  6. crocko rock says:

    Co0oLY aint the sharpest tool in the shed is he?

  7. ryo0omah says:

    Wow! the view is great.. alpool 3ajeeb
    where is that!?

  8. ryo0omah says:

    sorry just realized that you are in fujairah..:P
    but i still want the name of the hotel plz ;)

  9. Big Pearls says:

    Hope u enjoyed breakfast!

  10. mishref says:

    ^^ I have to ask you Big Pearls, Do you have a crush on Mark ?

  11. Tan Go says:

    naughty mishref ^^

  12. ??? says:

    Mishref she’s married !

  13. mishref says:

    Sorry I had to ask, it seems there are people who are nice just for being nice :P

    No offense intended

  14. Safi says:

    lol at mishref.
    1hr and a half to get from Kuwait to Fujairah? No-freakin’-way. Seriously?

  15. maldeeb says:

    its Hotel JAL Fujairah Resort & Spa

  16. maldeeb says:

    its Hotel JAL Fujairah Resort & Spa and its owned by ACICO kuwait
    here is ther website

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