I am coming home

Post by Mark

Although my plan was to stay in Munich forever thats easier said than done. I am now in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight back to Kuwait. I really need to learn German. (Posted from my Nokia E61i)

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  1. Elegant Chic says:

    Have a nice and safe journey! :)

  2. Margoga says:

    there is a cool shop that sells all football gear thats cool.in one off the terminals.

  3. Farah says:

    Gute Reise!

  4. Moe says:

    Well mark i have to say I’m very disappointed where is the BEER photo?! actually we all are.. once you a in Kuwait “nshala” you will be posting a photo of a BEER.. loool

    hey consider going back to Lebanon now, I know I am :D I’m off on the 5th Taboo, Buddha Bar, Starlet, Baby M, BO 18, :'( man I’m crying of joy here i coooooommeeeeeeee.. Casino du Liban I love it :D I bet i can loose all my money in one hour :P

  5. spooner says:

    Yay for air Canada !

  6. TanGo says:

    Cry,, baby cry..

  7. shaden says:

    i hat u ,i ve just returned last night,ive been in Munich,It was cold ,then went to Berlin ,Sunny wehther,i felt like u that i need to learn German,or Duitch,i enjoyed the free tour with just tip of 10 euro and he was greatful,I asked u to email me to meet wid u up there,but to no avail,i met an isreali guy in berlin who was gentelman and great company ,,,better than u kuwaiti .NB Im kuwaiti ,cheers

  8. Marzouq says:

    I need to learn Italian…

  9. Pure says:

    Mark then maybe I can hook up you with my cousin’s husband sister to give you some language lessones ; P she attended medical school in Germany and she is so fluent in Germen mashallah.

  10. Impure says:

    It’s tough coming back from what’s apparently been voted by Monocle magazine as the world’s most liveable city. The upside is you return only to go back again. There’s some gorgeous weather awaiting you in Q8.

  11. 3azeez says:

    Mark, since ur mac is dead, I heard u got a new battery for it before it died. will u sell me the battery? how much?

  12. jojo says:

    I will fly to Hanover tomorrow & get away from all the dust for only 4 days !! Welacome back & goodbye to me

  13. i need to learn russian

  14. vampire says:

    i hate Frankfurt airport

  15. jooj says:

    I need to learn french

  16. classy says:

    i went to munich 3 years back and really loved it, especially MAXIMILIAN STREET since i love shopping ;)

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