I am in Syria

Post by Mark

What a trip! Just got to Syria, my day was full of adventure but will post about that once I get to Kuwait. Just checked in to my hotel and am going to walk around the city now. (Posted from my Nokia E61i)

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  1. Moey says:

    If you want good shawerma go to Al-Rayyan, located in Salhiyyeh any taxi would know it.

    for a nice area with pubs and surprisingly good shops that import brands individually go to Bab Tooma.

  2. Moey says:

    and glad you are safe.

  3. chikapappi says:

    pictures Mark.. more pls!

  4. M. Hussain says:

    man i came yesterday from Beirut via Syria, we had to go to Tripoli, Tartus, Hums, then Damascus airport, the roads sucks, the drivers sucks, and we had an accident with a syrian taxi..

    Have you ever seen a U-Turn in a highway !!!

    Yesterday’s adventure made me love Kuwait more and more hehehe..

    god bless lebanon!

  5. Shoxin says:

    What hotel did you check into out of curiousity?

  6. Ms.Baker says:

    Good luck, glad you got out safely.

  7. Britchick says:

    Hey Mark, Glad you are ok!!!

  8. hanoda says:

    SALAMAT I can`t beleive what`s happening is it going to be like that every beginging of every summer ,HE DOASE NOT LOVE HIS COUNTRY this HASSAN

  9. Saeed says:

    I”m vey glad to hear ,, you have 24 hrs to show us that video lol ..

  10. moose says:

    you need a gun mark.

  11. nibaq says:

    You think your close and almost home free. But how wrong you are. You are never boarding that plane tomorrow. You will be stuck in Syria!

  12. Pike says:

    I remember going through this in 2006, definitely not fun. Hope they didn’t charge you crazy rates at the hotel.

  13. A&B says:

    You get 0wnd a lot in your life dont you mark?

  14. Kuwait says:

    Why not do a burger review while you’re there?

  15. Johar says:

    It maybe the same kind of journey as NAT got to Syria 2 years back from Leabnon. We’ll surely be waiting for your comments on syria airport as well. BTW did u require any legal thing to get into syria ?

  16. Fabio says:

    He is in Samiramis Hotel (it looks like it), yes Bab Tooma is the place 2 b.

  17. graeme says:

    glad you made it

  18. crocko rock says:

    Syria has better clubs than Lebanon, or so I was told!

  19. mishref says:

    WTF man, I want to visit lebanon and every summer 7asab allah ruin it for me !

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