Someone shoot me

Post by Mark

I don’t think I can take another Christmas song! Every station is playing Christmas songs and I don’t mean Christmas carols, I am talking about regular songs remixed into Christmas songs. Who the hell still plays Coco Jumbo yet alone the Christmas version. Once you leave the car it doesn’t get any better, practically every store in the mall is also tuned into a radio station so the horror never ends! (Posted from my Nokia E61i)

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  1. Z District says:

    I find it hilarious!! I want to see you lose it and go ballistic on them, and rip the radio out of the car.

  2. mocman says:

    Tis the season of joy and happiness…

    btw.. i dont have a gun so could i just bludgen you with a day old shawarma??

  3. Nachoes says:

    Ya ya ya coco jumbo Yaya ya ;p

  4. jo says:

    just enjoy it its once a year, or you could listen to a cd of your own or your ipod.

    cant you just enjoy the season! its a religious holiday bless it

  5. gilly says:

    no worries…christmas eve has passed
    thats like 80% of all the mambo jambo…
    tommorow everyone’s lazy and eating left overs from the christmas eve dinner…how boring…

  6. fourme says:

    Damn someone is cranky! Ur gonna be known as “Mark who stole the Christmas Spirit”

  7. Mark d says:

    Christmas eve dinner?! wth?! Or do you mean Chrismas dinner? Cause at my place..we didnt have much on xmas eve…we waited for the real day…xmas dinner! And that is how it is in the States.

  8. Fonzy says:

    ummmmmmm……. tis the season to be jolly? :P hehe where is the christmas spirit? lol u sound like scrooge McDuck or something!!

  9. cajie says:

    Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
    Jingle all the way
    Oh, what fun it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh
    Jingle bells, jingle bells
    Jingle all the way
    Oh, what fun it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh

  10. Nofers says:

    Maybe u should color urself green and calk urself the xmas grinch :p

  11. Nofers says:


  12. confused says:

    and this is how the grinch stole christmas

  13. TanGo says:

    so cajie will be your first victim!

  14. suspic says:

    Hear the bastard callers sing on 99.7.

    My speakers bled..

  15. hollasmomboytoy says:

    i feel the same way 5 times a day, 365 days a year!

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