To Vespa or not to Vespa?

Post by Mark


I love scooters and I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid. Last year when I was in Holland I spent nearly a week riding one around the city and I fell in love with them even more. So, around a month ago I passed by the Vespa dealer in Kuwait to check out what bikes they had available. Originally I wanted the new Vespa GTS 300 but then I found out about the 2015 Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint models which appealed to me even more. Turns out they had a new shipment arriving and they told me they’d call me once they arrived.

I finally got the call on Thursday that both the Primavera and Sprint models had arrived to Kuwait and were on display in the showroom. So, I passed by earlier today and checked out a white Primavera and a yellow Sprint and I fell in love with both. Now not only do I have to decide between the two models, but I have a more important question I need to answer, will I be able to ride and enjoy a scooter in Kuwait?


If you put the weather aside, I think it should be possible. I live in Salmiya and I just want the scooter for running random errands around my neighborhood like getting groceries or dropping by The Foundry or Gia for dinner. I definitely wouldn’t get on the highway with it not even on any of the ring roads, but I would probably ride it on the Gulf Road Friday morning to Cocoa Room for breakfast.

It’s a difficult decision, but definitely just a #firstworldproblem

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  1. Danny says:

    I love scooters too.

    But Kuwait is not the place to ride one. You will be harassed on the roads and cars will keep honking. As you know, road rage in Kuwait is astronomical and what makes you think they wouldn’t pressure you to move aside? They will even laugh and poke fun at you and possibly even play games like slowing down in front of you. And just for riding on Friday mornings….it is not worth the money and time. I would recommend renting it first. If you are able to handle it, buy one.

    • bikeworld says:

      This information is not true. We have been selling scooters since 2009 and most accidents are riders fault. Infact scooters are the best way commute in trafic and have less chance of being knocked. As far as what people think, you will be shocked how people admire vespa. I think Mark can share his feedback from his long term test he had few years back.

      • pickles says:

        NO your information is not true, not in Kuwait at least, such marketing BS. what a strange way to repel potential buyers !

        • bikeworld says:

          well pickles we have been in business since 2009 and most of the accidents we see are riders error, however we always recommend our customers to be safe and always stay sharp.

      • Anthony says:

        Hello, do u still sell Vespa scooters? If yes, can I have the dealership name & address? Thanks

        • Selim says:

          Did u ever manage to find out where the vespa dealership is?
          I’m trying to find parts for mine & when I passed by their showroom, it was gone.

    • not says:

      This is bullshit, stop spreading propaganda against Kuwait

  2. Keith says:

    Hey mate…. Scooters are for men who want to ride motorcycles, but prefer to feel the wind on their vagina. Might as well go for the white one with the pink seat. Cheers

    • Mark says:

      That’s not true though, I don’t want a motorbike even though I love the hypermotard, I want an urban bike which serves a completely different purpose.

      • Mark says:

        Also pearl white 848 would be insanely cool. But biggest issue with sports bikes other than the fact they’re not good city bikes is the fact u need to fully gear up before riding one. Used to hate doing that with my Ducati monster. Also they cost like 3x the price of a Vespa…

    • Nixon says:

      LOL that’s harsh 😂

    • D. says:

      How fragile is masculinity? Apparently fragile enough to be threatened by colors and vehicle choices.

    • Samuel says:


    • vic says:

      “Scooters are for men who want to ride motorcycles” -what a crock of shit! Motorcycles are for men who don’t feel masculine enough so have this need to get this overpowered machine to prove to the world they are men!
      Joking aside- Motorcycles are more about the destination whereas vespa’s are more about the journey. Both for completely different purposes. I have both and use my Vespa for country exploring whereas the motorcycle for highway use. The motorcylce can NEVER bring you into narrow pathways in forests and next to beaches. Try pulling a 180 on a narrow dirt road. Of course I am excluding dirtbikes here which would obviously be better offroad than vespas but then they are limited to ONLY dirtroads.
      From my experience, only old farts make fun of vespas, the new generation of youngsters love them!

    • ammar says:

      Keith, that is the most stupid comment ive ever read about scooters.
      Riding scooters is practical and truly fun. We do not have the need to ride “american steel” in order to compensate for some sort of a lack of “steel” ;)

  3. Matt says:

    In Kuwait, a scooter is a suicide vehicle.

  4. Basel says:

    what’s their price range?

    • Mark says:

      1,595 for Primavera and 1,695 for the Sprint. This is the retail price I haven’t asked for a discount or any extras yet.

      • del says:

        That’s outrageous. Vespas cost 1/3rd of that here in India.

        • Mark says:

          Not all Vespas are equal. They have at least 4 main models and then under each model there are different engine sizes. for example the primavera i saw was 125cc but in other countries you can get the 50cc which would be considerably cheaper. They also have the 125cc 946 which costs KD2,600. So it really depends what vespa you’re talking about. Price in Kuwait is similar to price in US and the UK.

  5. Nixon says:

    Well safety wise I wouldn’t advise you, even though it’s just in smallish roads.
    But if u do buy it… Wear a helmet

  6. Danderma says:

    Vespa all the way, no question about that! I’ve wanted one ever since I was a teenager and it would be a great ride during the good weather months.

  7. salue says:

    Kuwait is not safe for that, people here do anything to annoy or hurt someone

  8. Mathai says:

    Take the white Primavera with that red seat! Looks nice and would be perfect for zipping around Salmiya. I’ve ridden Italian scooters like the older generation Vespa and even Lambrettas and they’re fun as long as you’re careful in traffic.

  9. ibnturab says:

    Kuwait is simply the most dangerous country on the road, even iraq with their IEDs is safer.

    Motorbikes and the like are perfect for future organ donors.

  10. Matt says:

    Q: What’s the difference between a scooter and a fat girl?
    A: They’re both a lot of fun until your friends see you on it.

  11. Kuwait says:

    From one biker (600 cc supersport) to another, just go for it. Ignore the hate and do what you love.

  12. Abyjit says:

    A Vespa (Vespa VX) 125cc costs Rupees 75,000 in India, which is roughly KD 355 only (check!! Guess this is because in India scooters are purchased more for the utility rather than the vanity.

    • bikeworld says:

      they are produced in india and they are not the same models. the ones imported from italy is a total different model. the one you are talking about is for indian market only. infact the Italian vespa is more expensive in india than kuwait. this is why they decided to develop them their and it was designed in away to satisfy the local market.

  13. Just says:

    Go for it. Only problem and if I am not mistaken, you mentioned you have an apartment in a building. Where would you park it ? Would it be safe ?

  14. Sauce says:

    Does one need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter/vespa in Kuwait??

  15. Jimmy says:

    Where can you get cheap helmets around here?

  16. Bader says:

    A vespa to run errands makes it a lot more fun then just driving and getting stuck in traffic. Plus those morning rides on friday really just make your weekend a lot better.. Plus in all honesty a vespa from Bike World you really cant go wrong.

  17. not says:

    Kuwait is NOT the most dangerous country on the road.

    Kuwait has the lowest crime rate in the region, so the harassment allegations are unfounded or exaggerated

    I think vespas are the next trend

  18. kkcal says:

    I don’t think there’s an issue with the driving in regards to Vespas, they’re really practical for running errands and going to places that are in close proximity to your house. Only issue i see is that theyre definitely not a great mode of transportation for the summer but the winter season is coming so if you want to buy one, now would be the ideal time.

  19. CJohn says:

    Mark says he’s planning to buy a vespa.. The next day someone’s selling their vespa… Coincidence?? Lol!

  20. Burhan says:

    After many long years I sat on a Vespa about 3 years ago at Bike World.

    For one, they are quite different than the “classic” Vespa that I was used to:

    1. No manual gear or clutch.
    2. No center pedestal brake.
    3. No kick start.

    Once you get around this, and you realize all you have to do is twist and go, its a lot of fun.

    I didn’t buy one because I was still in the process of getting my license, but its definitely a fun machine to zip around town in.

    If you get one with a large windscreen you can ride it on the highway but be very careful as drivers here aren’t used to bikes and a Vespa isn’t loud so they may not hear/see you (especially if they are busy with whatsapp).

    Stay visible, stay safe and have fun.

  21. Ahmad says:

    looking for a used Vespa to buy , has to be in good condition

  22. Mohamed says:

    are there any rules at Kuwait that we can ride small scooters like 50cc or less than that without license or number plate?

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