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A friend recently asked me why I don’t write about the dating app Tinder. At first I wasn’t very sure if the local Tinder users would appreciate this extra attention, but then I thought about it again and realized a post about Tinder could actually boost it locally. So I decided to do some research and the first thing I did was google “tinder kuwait” which landed me on an extremely entertaining local blog called Single in the Shires. The blog is about the dating adventures of a single British girl living in Kuwait and since she was a Tinder user, I decided to contact her and ask her if she’d be willing to write the review instead. She nicely accepted and you can check it out below:

Swipe Right
When Mark asked me to guest blog for him I was delighted. Then I realized that I had to write about my shameful love life for the Kuwait blogosphere to digest. I hold my hands up… I am in my 30s and I’m single (audible gasp). And moving to Kuwait certainly hasn’t helped change matters. How could it? Gone are my days of meeting guys in nightclubs and bars. First date nerves are no longer steadied with a couple of wines. Dinners no longer turn in to dancing. And, for a change, I can remember every single disastrous detail the next day (not always a good idea). Plus, how on earth are you supposed to meet eligible bachelors in Kuwait – and by eligible I mean NOT the ones that follow you through Avenues, try and get your attention whilst driving dangerously or beep their horns as they drive past you when you’re trying to cross the street. Those men are a no no.

So, moving to Kuwait has meant embracing online dating – something I wasn’t a fan of in London. In fact, I’m even less of a fan now but needs must. And without or there wasn’t much chance of even an internet date. Until Tinder popped up.

Tinder is an app that allows you to select your chosen target demographic (in my case: male, 32-38, within 50km) and then view their pictures. Like the look of them? Swipe right. Don’t like the look of them? Swipe left. Yes it’s shallow but it’s more fun than reading dating profiles that have been embellished beyond belief (ie the guy who said he was over 6 foot and was shorter than me on the date – and I’m 5 foot 7). The app pulls the pictures from your Facebook profile and it seems many users in Kuwait fail to review these and make any changes. Why else would there be 100s of profiles featuring men with their brides or profiles pictures that are of their children?!

You see, to some this is a dating site and to others it’s a hook up app. From talking to friends it seems men treat it as a hook up app and girls are a bit more willing to believe they’ll meet someone lovely and ride off in to the sunset to start their ‘happy ever after’. Wake up girls, you are not riding off in to the sunset with the guy that takes a selfie in the gym mirrors with his top off. That guy will always like himself just that little bit more than he likes you.

I could reel off my disastrous encounters thanks to Tinder but have chosen to protect the not-so-innocent. Plus, I don’t want to tempt fate. You see, for all my cynicism I am still hopeful that one day I’ll swipe right and meet a normal, well-adjusted guy that doesn’t want to show me the inside of his pants on Whatsapp after three messages.

So would I recommend Tinder? Well in the absence of an alternative then I suppose I would – as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Remember; online you can be whoever you want to be. Just take it all with a pinch of salt and swipe away. Who knows, you may have better luck than me.


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  1. Joe says:

    So very shallow….

  2. Duke says:

    agree with Joe! Very shallow

    • Mark says:

      It is a shallow app she clearly mentions that but unless you have a better alternative this seems to be a good option for people to meet

      • HASSAN says:

        The girl is sleeping with ton of guys and complaining about guys that want to sleep with ton of girls yet want to be a happily ever after with 1 guy, double standard gets you no where pick a side.

        I was a playboy once, And happily ever after currently, i will never ever get happily ever after with a girl i just met and almost did chew her nipples yet she called me again just because she was horny, i’ll welcome her with open arms just for playing but nothing serious will come out of it.

        I’m not judging her just speaking in general of course regrading lifestyles and from a man point of view in case it helped.

        • djelibaby says:

          fair point. if you want substance in a relationship you can’t be as promiscuous as the guys you complain about!

          • SiS says:

            If you both read the blog you’d realise that I am not ‘sleeping with tons of guys’ or ‘promiscuous’. Please do not make misinformed, sweeping judgments about my non-existent sex life!
            And, the only guys I am complaining about in the review are the many men on Tinder in Kuwait who are clearly married – some even have children.

            • HASSAN says:

              Hi Sis, I mentioned in my post that i was not judging, i was simply given a general man point of view Regrading these issues since you mentioned something about guys that take selfie in the gym mirrors etc, why do you think we do that? we know it works and it does, if it will get us sex we will do it as simple as that, most girls can’t resist my abs.

              Which is more shallow taking the picture itself or the picture itself filling it actual purpose, in general if a girl play high and mighty we simply skip to the next girl not a big deal if it didn’t work on her.

        • D. says:

          “I will happily mess around with a girl but actually RESPECT her? Ugh no.”
          I’m not calling yours a double standard. It’s far more accurate to label it hypocrisy.

        • Richie says:

          What are you talking about? talk about sexism in kuwait. No where was it mentioned that she slept with anyone. Sounds like you don’t know the difference between a date and having sex; conservative idiot.

          • Yousef says:

            Well said Richie. Absolutely agree with u. A well done article from Sis. I have been in Kuwait for many years and in fact the article is accurate on many fronts. Good luck on ure dating adventures and hope u find a Mr. Prince Charming amongst the shrubbery!

  3. Joe says:

    A well written article…

  4. 3azeez says:

    Before I started reading the review, I clicked on the link leading to your guest blogger… and the first thing I started reading about a guy she got hooked up with through that up… who immediately ended up sucking and chewing on her nipple!

    The more I read from her blog post the more the app is starting to look like a getting laid app rather than dating?

  5. 3azeez says:

    OK now that I’ve read this review… time to change the title from Swipe Right to Horny Londoner in Arabia.

  6. mary says:

    I guess you can say that she is the British version of ‘Desert Girl’, I loved this: ‘Once upon a time there was a British Princess, trapped in an prison of a country called Kuwait. A country that forbade wine, dancing, kissing and pretty dresses. The Princess was desperate for escape. One day, her best friend, the handsome footman, suggested they escape for the weekend…….etc’ She’s delightful! If your single Mark, I think you should pursue her.

  7. SiS says:

    “The girl is sleeping with ton of guys and complaining about guys that want to sleep with ton of girls yet want to be a happily ever after with 1 guy, double standard gets you no where pick a side.”

    Err… and there’s me thinking it’s been one guy in 18 months – clearly not tons (we don’t count the guy that couldn’t get it up). I date tons of guys – it doesn’t mean I sleep with them.

  8. pickles says:

    regarding dating apps, what’s up with gay dating apps being always in top grossing, very often in top 10, in the Kuwaiti Apple app store ? never knew we have so many homosexuals in Kuwait.

  9. Firas says:

    Dating works in a weird way here! Basically you cannot be yourself yet you can’t walk up to a girl and say “Hey! I like you! Would you care for a cup of coffee?” She will freak out and all what she will be thinking of is that he wants to get laid only!
    I guess Tinder is a pretty nice tool since the way it works is really simple. If you get a mutual like on both of your pictures, a chatting channel will be opened for you to chat. Unlike other apps where it gets really annoying that you start looking for “Delete account button” lol
    I say enjoy your lives and let everyone live in peace with theirs.. Thank you!

    • HASSAN says:

      Not really, here that will not sound that you want to get laid but actually creepy guy, why would she drink a coffee with a guy she never met or know (that’s the mentality here for most you will kidnap her or something)

      Of course if you were super handsome etc doesn’t matter if it sounds creepy to the culture and you break any rules lol

      Last girl i approached before getting married i told the girl i was passing by and i saw her randomly and i had to talk with her otherwise i’ll regret it my whole life and the whole I’m a serious guy who his end game is marriage not playing along and how serious i am, of course i was lying and the girl wanted serious stuff so it went no where heh but we did go out few times/had drinks (juice) but she figured i was not serious and didn’t see her again

  10. Ali Sleeq says:

    I tried Tinder for the sake of trying and I didn’t get any replies.

    Either I’m not sexy enough or the women are mostly fake accounts.

  11. sali says:

    It’s hilarious that an expat here is falsely claiming DANCING is illegal in Kuwait. Yet everyone here is talking about dating app in Kuwait

    Dating sites and dating apps are illegal in UAE and Saudi Arabia

    Dancing is legal in Kuwait. Hundreds of music concerts are held in Kuwait every year, in which dancing always occurs. Most music concerts in Kuwait are by Filipini pop artists, Indian celebrities and Kuwaiti musicians. In June 2014, the British pop band ‘The Wanted’ did a concert in Kuwait. Many Kuwaitis were dancing at the ‘The Wanted’ concert

    A few years ago, the American R&B artist Ne-Yo did a public concert in Kuwait at the Avenues Mall, it was a free concert in the middle of the Avenues Mall. Thousands of Kuwaitis were publicly dancing at that free concert

    Look at the Youtube videos of Ne-Yo performing at Avenues Mall

  12. Lara says:

    … And I thought we finally !!!! Have an online dating app/tool when I read the title of the article. SiS : thank you for the review, seems that we are still in need for the right online tool to meet decent bachelors in Kuwait to yes : EVENTUALLY end up in a serious relationship and not HOOK UP for an affair! We independent singles like to take our time in getting to know our potential other side , I am talking about both men and women! and going out for a coffee or dinner date(s) doesn’t make us ladies promiscuous! It puts us on the dating market that most single Arab men don’t seem to understand. Are we only labeled as serious and decent if we are still living with our parents ? And have so many other relationships in secrecy before the prince and his Mum come over to our Mum and ask for our hand simply because we meet the criteria of good family/right religion/good income / hijab?! / never went out with other guys ( yeah sure!!!!) … Good luck to all those! And in the meantime good luck to us singles in Kuwait , especially expat singles who can’t be checked out for “the right criteria”… Hope is the last thing that dies, don’t lose hope SiS ! And I believe it’s not only because Kuwait doesn’t have clubs/bars etc … It’s because we are at work most of the time and busy with keeping up virtually with all our electronic social obligations that the chance of the conventional way of meeting someone has become much less …
    Mark: thank you as always for blogging and for having SiS !
    In the meantime keep us posted on options meeting singles ! In London they were lots of parties / events for singles …. Where people CONVERSE normally without trying to get the other side into bed after the first date ! Total turn off and disappointment for myself at least ! We learn and experience … That’s what makes life interesting and I consider it social advancement when single people can meet and get to know each other openly dating and enjoying each other’s company! And no I am not implying premarital physical ! There are still some independent ladies who believe in dating without getting physical prior to marriage! Yes, modern non promiscuous ladies eager to date smart men! And no, it’s not the ab selfie that makes a man smart! You can be hideous and a prince! It’s how one treats and makes the other side feel!

    • A well written comment Lara. I am a single man who is looking for a serious relationship but it is difficult in Kuwait. I have never had the courage to walk up to a lady and ask her for a cup of coffee. I wish I could find the right lady and share stories and adventures about life with her and not only take her out but cook for her as well.

      As for physical contact, I’m saving that for after marriage when I am with the right woman. A man only needs 1. And that’s the beginning of a fruitful life rather then a life based on false Love.

      I hope I can meet a smart lady such as yourself to start and build a strong relationship:)

    • Ash says:

      Thank you mark. I just read about tinder today in an article on bbc and how its really changing the demographics of the dating world. Its quite impressive and a unique idea since facebook changed the social world as we know it now. A decade ago no one knew what web2.0 was. I think tinder may just turn out to be a huge success since it allows everyone to discreetly and in a no pressure state- cross the cultural barriers of religion, society,language etc.

      The only complain i have with tinder is that i dunno how long i m gnna have to wait before laura or sis actually shows up as my match and then the inevitable wait would begin to get a like back and then finally ask out on a date to caribou or timhortons (just cuz starbucks is a cliche) and hopefully since ur british we cud head over to the embassy pub ..on the 2nd or 4th date…
      I think the algirthims of tinder need to be readjusted unless if i cud possibly interest you to a traditional old school way of going to movies, i hear best of me isnt all that bad either…

      • ash says:

        Dear Lara,

        in short and to be precise ( its even more important for me to say that now since i am scheduled to take an ielts exam tomm but thats not wht i am trying to say here so ignore whats written in these brackets, which is the main reason why the exist anyways :-D )

        i am asking you out on a blind date (btw, yes the brackets are back , this – i’ve never done defnitely not on a public forum , good thing we are still anonymous except mark knows it all :-D )

        so let me know if u see this whts ur response.

  13. TJC Films says:

    Dude as a music video and dance video director I can tell you dancing in public will get your ass in trouble le big time. I have done several shoots where the cops told us to pass off or we were going to jail because you aren’t allowed to dance in public. But I love the fact that during Ramadan they had this late night show where all these guys were in this long rectangular room like a diwaniya dancing all over the place with one another while the 1 row of women on the set had to sit on their butts and wave their hands in the air while musicians performed. Hypocritical and pretty damn gay lol. But that was Ok. And Heaven forbid they find out there is a zumba or dance class with men in women in it together! Khalas it’s closed because it is haram!

  14. TJC Films says:

    With Tinder personality is really important. I used it when I first got back to Kuwait to meet women and not to hook up. I was talking to one brilliant girl from the UK. Beautiful, Smart and funny. Then we switched over to whatsapp. We were having a pretty great conversation. Then she made a joke and I typed “Lol”. She completely halted the conversation and said “don’t say that anymore I hate it”. A little alarm started to sound but I ignored it. We started talking again and I once again types in “Lol” she went completely bat sh*t and said “lol really? Did you laugh out loud? What was so funny that you laughed out loud”? I was done. Complete and total loss of interest. If she would let something that small bother her and get her that angry and controlling who knows what a real issue or some type of adversity would cause. I had just got out of a relationship with an angry controlling woman and was not about to waste time on another . Looks are defo not everything. Even if it is just to hook up. No thanks! Hell, people thought Dahmer was a good looking guy and we see how that turned out.

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