Amazon Prime Video Now Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Last week Amazon announced that Amazon Prime Video was officially available in more than 200 countries… including Kuwait. I had previously assumed that there was no country restrictions since I was using Amazon Prime Video anyway, but I guess there was. Amazon Prime Video if you haven’t heard of it before is similar to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. They have a ton of popular shows and movies available on the network (like all 8 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm), but they also have a bunch of great exclusive content like The Grand Tour and my favorite, The Man in the High Castle. If you already have an Amazon Prime account then you already have access to Amazon Prime Video (and Music), but if you don’t then the monthly subscription to Amazon Prime Video is just $2.99.

I use Amazon’s FireStick to stream Prime Video onto my TV but there are multiple ways of watching including using your browser. For more details, check out this [Link]

Update: If you use the Kuwait version of Amazon Prime Video a lot of the content will be restricted similar to how Netflix restricts content based on geographic locations. To get around this you need a DNS proxy and I personally use

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  1. cajie says:

    I could watch the Grand Tour (and I enjoyed it a lot). However, some of their exclusive content such as ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ seems to be still geographically locked.

  2. JJ says:

    Does this mean we can now get better use out of Amazon’s echo?

    • Mark says:

      why what were the limitations you were having with the echo?

      • Muscati says:

        Many of the Echo’s automation features are geo restricted. And Amazon Video is also mostly geo restricted. Amazon will only be including their own shoes in the package outside the US, that’s why their price is just $2.99. Total available content right now is meager.

        • Mark says:

          My Amazon video has no restrictions but I’m guessing that’s because I’ve got a dns proxy setup at home.

        • Mark says:

          Although I have to say I can use Amazon music from my phone without a vpn or proxy.

          • Muscati says:

            Yes, somehow Amazon Music works on my phone without vpn as well. But I don’t use DNS or VPN at home so I can see how small the available library of Amazon Video is. Even some of their own shows are Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent aren’t available.

            • aaa says:

              With Netflix their own shows weren’t released in the Middle East until they were all subtitled in Arabic first. The Netflix library for Kuwait at this point is decent, largely because Netflix shows themselves are really good and will keep you busy for some time. Amazon doesn’t have that volume of quality yet but they look like they’re trying

      • Lancy says:

        Hi Mark,
        Are you using echo here in Kuwait? Cuz i just bought echo dot and want to set it to work in Kuwait. How did you bypassed the Geo restriction ?

  3. m.aslawi says:


    dose the fire stick work in Kuwait? and would HBO be available as well?

  4. Buzz says:

    I’m a Prime member and I’ve been using Amazon music on my phone for a while now without a proxy. I am also able to watch Amazon Prime video on my browser using Hola to get the full US content.

  5. Cool.

    Now I can watch Transparent in peace without that whole proxy mess.

  6. Malcolm says:

    Most of my Firestick content is currently restricted, I have VPN Express. Do I need to somehow get the VPN on my Ooredoo modem in order for it to work properly?
    Any suggestions are welcome…

  7. theariezman says:

    lately I came to know that Amazon Prime Video is available in Kuwait and thought to give it a try. I subscribed to its trial service and also HBA channel but both requiring VPN/Proxy to run the contents.

    The claim that Amazon does about availability in 200 countries looks false although there is a section contents to play while abroad (boring section) but for me there is nothing new if still I want to use VPN/Proxy.

  8. Musaed Alqattan says:

    its not working in kuwait

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