Disney Pulled Beauty and the Beast from Kuwait Cinema *UPDATED*

Post by Mark

Cinescape, Grand Cinemas and Sky Cinemas will no longer be showing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie in Kuwait. Local censors wanted to cut a scene from the film, most likely the gay related one and Disney decided it would rather pull the movie than censor it. It did the same thing in Malaysia last week when it pulled the movie from theaters over there after Malaysian censors wanted to remove the gay scene as well.

I actually like the idea of Disney pulling the film, I think more movie studios need to do that.

Update: According to Grand Cinemas, they are currently working with the studio on the additional cuts that the MOI requested and will be releasing the film when ready. This means Disney did NOT pull the movie but the movie theaters did due to additional cuts that were requested by the MOI.

Update2: According to Cinescape, they pulled the movie themselves.

Dear Valued Customers,
We would like to inform you that Kuwait National Cinema Company decided to

Stop showing Beauty and the Beast in line with our values as responsibility toward our young viewers [Source]

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  1. BraveArc says:

    Slightly disappointed, had booked tickets to watch the movie tonight. But it at least makes sense now.

    • TheDude says:

      I booked for tonight too, called them up and they said if you already booked you can still watch it but they’re not selling anymore tickets. So I’d check with the theater you booked with.

  2. Sh says:

    I’m with Disney on this one.

  3. pain says:

    Actually the movie was not pulled by Disney. I called Cinescape and Grand Cinemas and they told me that the movie will be re-released in 2 days.

  4. k says:

    i agree, if people are going to tamper with it, might as well pull the movie. fuck this censorship BS.

  5. Good says:

    Good. Since when has there been gay characters in beauty & the beast? I’m sick of it being shoved in my face in every single show and movie. I don’t care what people do in their own time as consenting adults, but people just look for a reason to be offended in this sensitive p*ssy internet age. I’m glad kuwait wanted to censor it even if it were for the wrong reasons because the media are just brainwashing everyone to thinking being gay is part of a fairy tale. It’s not and people need to get off their high horse.

    • willie says:

      Let me get this straight. You believe there is something inherently wrong with portraying same sex relationships, but you are fine with bestiality. Seems reasonable.

    • DJ Bonita says:

      Have you watched the cartoon growing up? Did you really think a little guy who sang praises about Gaston and shit was actually straight? Le Fou was gay decades ago. Almost every Disney cartoon has an effeminate or homosexual character whether you realize it or not. Just because it’s an actual person this time you’re offended? Grow up.

    • Yusef says:

      Firat off, there was always a gay characted since the cartoon. Secondly, being gay is not a fairytale its a reality, why should a movie be censored just because a group of people are uncomfortable, if you dont like it then turn the other cheek and not tuin it for everyone.

    • aikait says:

      Its not about being or not confortable with same sex relationship its that this topic is becoming an obsession… its more and more advertised… and i mean advertised. I dont have any problem with that and in the same way i dont have the need to show off my preferences.
      This is just the ridiculous of the “politically correct” wanna-be.

    • DrQ80 says:

      I think the people responding to your comment need to chill out. The guy has an opinion and doesnt deserve to be attacked with your comments.

      Secondly, just as every single movie and tv show are shoving LGBT in our faces (circa The Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Storks – to name a few) even though i disagree with censorship, Im glad people are standing up to that shit.

      I dont see any movie or tv show pushing the a positive arab or muslim agenda, or are we inherently terrorists to such a point that even WE have accepted that view?

      LGBT is hollywoods current agenda, fact. Lets not make it a matter of “if you’re not onboard then you’re backwards”.

  6. BN says:

    I heard from many sources that the movie will be released after further censorship.

  7. Ally says:

    If that is true. Bravo Disney! I’m getting more and more tired of how hypocritical Kuwait is over movie censorship. They cut things out in the cinema, but it’s fine to have a thriving private black market and uncensored movies on TV. You can’t have it both ways.

  8. Qq says:

    I called cinescape they told me “مننوع عشان two boys loved”

  9. Jaber says:

    Well done Disney, I’m proud to be a fan

  10. FSC says:

    Well!!! i had a booking tonight & was shocked to see their cancellation message today morning without giving any logical reason.
    My take is its fine to have censorship guidlines & to follow that as per the law of tyhe land but can’t digest it to happen after movie running almost couple of weeks.
    Better movies should be released after proper censorship viewing!!!! to avoid such instances!!!!
    what say!!!!

  11. Fawaz says:

    I’m all for removing censorship crap doesn’t make any practical sense , but damn that was a bad business move from Disney should be making money no matter the place !

  12. 7mod says:

    Disney has nothing to do with it. The issue in Malaysia isn’t related to Kuwait whatsoever


  13. Dooosh says:

    A gay side-kick… *gasp*
    A teenage girl in love with a bison/bear/wolf beast… *awwww*

  14. meh says:

    I have seen the uncensored scene. My morals and values have been tarnished for life. I am outraged and I may have started to have feelings for other men, foreigners in particular. That’s why expats must leave as well.

  15. zyser says:

    it’s now reported on the BBC, Disney is yet to comment on the move.


  16. JassimQ says:

    Actually the story is worse, as published in Aljarida newspaper today (lastpage), a spokesperson for Conescape says that they have received some notes from viewers who didn’t like some of the things said in the movie so Cinescape decided to pull it to further edit it and then show it to the MOI before putting it back on.
    WhT makes this worse is that Cinescape is crowdsourcing censorship and leaving it to people’s comments, furthermore it is an instance where a company is deciding the censorship rules not even MOI.
    So imagine, MOI gave its edits and approved the film, then the company that is showing the film voluntarily (based on viewer request) assumes the authority of censoring the film. How pathetic and sad is that?
    Let’s not forget that this is a movie directed at children.

    • meh says:

      Yes, why wasn’t the scene censored from MOI in the first place? And don’t tell me they are idiots who don’t understand, they have censored more complicated philosophical shit before.

  17. jan says:

    Interesting, i wonder why the movie was been pulled out of the cinema over there, i do not think it impedes on their religion, perhaps its a bit to vulgar for them

    Different cultures though, we have to respect that

  18. Kuwaiti wa ftikhar says:

    The film is not good for childrens in the begainingthats why kuwait is not going to show it now , they are gonna cut. It and they will show it again

    • meh says:

      The film is rated PG, so the parent must research and decide under their guidance to show this movie to their child or not. The parent should not be a piece of shit who takes their child to every movie.

      On another note, this is the movie rating in some countries:


      Australia:PG / Austria:8 / Canada:PG (British Columbia) / Canada:PG (Ontario) / Canada:G (Québec) / Finland:K-12 / France:Tous publics / Germany:6 / Hungary:12 / Ireland:PG / Netherlands:12 / Norway:9 / Philippines:G / Portugal:M/12 / Portugal:M/6 (dubbed version) / Russia:16+ / Russia:6+ (original rating) / Singapore:PG / South Korea:All / Sweden:11 / Switzerland:6 / Taiwan:GP / Thailand:G / UK:PG / USA:PG

      Russia being anti-gay at the moment, changed the rating to +16 heh!

  19. meh says:

    In today’s newspaper (Al-QABAS), they are saying the MOI knew beforehand from social media that there’s a gay scene, but upon viewing the movie did not see any such scene, and they are wondering if movie theaters showed the wrong version of the movie.

  20. Kuwaiti wa ftikhar says:

    Ok i know the parents have not to be shit and let their children watch any movie but every one know about beauty and the beast and they didnt know that the film will be just like that
    Because i have saw the cartoon of it and it wasn’t just like this movie
    So what i want to say for all of u that kuwait want the best for us and our childrens so they removed it and end of the story

    And i wish that kuwait will cut the wrong in the film and show it again in the cinema

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