Farouq Abdul-Aziz Has a Website

Post by Mark

Farouq Abdul-Aziz, the presenter of the popular show on KTV2 ‘Cine Club’ in the 80s now has a website. The website has a few blog posts by him, interviews and most importantly, original episodes of Cine Club. Right now they have around 7 videos on the website but they’re hoping to upload all his episodes eventually.

I really hope they do that since there is this one Cine Club movie I watched as a kid that I’ve been wanting to watch again but I could never remember its name. All I remember was that it was an adventure/treasure finding movie and the last scene of the film takes place in this mountain where the hero finds the golden artifact only to have to leave it behind because the whole mountain was collapsing. He escapes in a helicopter. That’s all I remember so hopefully I’ll eventually find it.

Check out Farouq’s website [Here]

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  1. mocman says:

    Awesome post dude… Thumbs up

  2. zyser says:

    Sweet. I remember watching this as a kid. I was too young and never understood why the host had talk and talk before playing the movie :-) .

    The music of the opening titles is great. Dvořák: Symphony №9, “From The New World” – Allegro Con Fuoco. Link to the music below


  3. Kuwait says:

    Indiana Jones.

  4. zaydoun says:

    Wow interviews with Vanessa Redgrave!

  5. sab says:


  6. A says:

    The move is Mackenna’s Gold (1969)

  7. Withheld says:

    Hunters of the Golden Cobra 1982

    • Mark says:

      Just watched the ending on YouTube. Not it. The artifact was a golden disc shape with like a black sphere in the middle and the guy put it in a messenger bag. Then when he was hanging outside the helicopter in the last scene he drops the bags

  8. MS says:

    Mark I think it’s “Armour of God” part 1 you looking for

  9. FNS says:

    Maybe MacGyver or Airwolf

  10. tinderbox says:

    is it cliffhanger with sylvester stallone by any chance? aka climbing rambo ramboo al mutasalq lol

  11. whizb says:


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