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Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend

Amazon released a teaser trailer for the new TV series Fallout. Similar to The Last of Us, Fallout is also based off a popular video game. Hopefully it will also be as good.

I also finally got around to starting the new season of Fargo, and as expected, it’s really great. If you’ve never watched Fargo before btw, you can start watching from any season since the seasons aren’t connected to each other.

Let me know what you watched this week in the comments below.

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
Hypnotic (5.5)
Migration (7.5)
Silent Night (5.9)
Thanksgiving (6.9)

Other Movies Showing:
Consecration (5.2)
Five Nights at Freddy’s (6.2)
Muzzle (5.4)
Napoleon (7.0)
The Ghost Within (3.9)
The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (6.9)
The Inseparables (7.0)
The Marsh King’s Daughter (5.9)
The Marvels (6.1)
Wish (6.0)

The classic films below are currently showing at the 1954 Film House:
Anastasia (7.1)
Die Hard (8.2)
Die Hard 2 (7.1)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.

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great news: Euphoria is returning for season 3, but that’ll happen in 2025. similarly, The Last of Us season 2 and The White Lotus season 3 coming in 2025. sooner than that, everybody should be excited about the following upcoming shows:
– Percy Jackson and the Olympians
– True Detective: Night Country
– The Sympathizer. now this I’m REALLY excited about.
– Reacher season 2
– What if Season 2
– Industry Season 3

– Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) great epic movie, but with bad editing. with 206 minutes run time, some sequences feels like they were rushed.
– Reptile (2023) solid crime movie. I don’t understand the low ratings.

Speaking of Fallout, it is made by the same ppl who made Westworld, so it has to be.
Last year The Peripheral tv show (same team) went under the radar. I loved that show.

Masters of the Air is coming out 26th Jan 2024. It’s the 3rd installment to Band of Brothers and its sequel The Pacific. I highly recommend watching em if you haven’t already.

Doctor Who: The Star Beast was a little disappointing to me. I watched some Jerry Lewis movies, The Family Jewels, The Ladies Man and Pardners. Pardners was interesting if you like Westerns.

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