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Netflix To Block VPN, DNS and Proxy Users?

Last week Netflix announced it was going to start blocking users who are accessing their content via services like VPN, DNS and proxies. Now that Netflix is available all over the world they’re trying to geo-lock the users in the countries they’re based in. But, for those of you who’ve tried accessing Netflix Kuwait you might have noticed it’s missing content the US version has (like House of Cards).

I’m personally still accessing Netflix using my US based DNS because I don’t like being limited with what to watch. I was a bit concerned that once Netflix starts blocking these services I’d be stuck with local Netflix content but from what I’ve been reading online, it doesn’t look like thats going to happen. According to various news articles I read it seems what Netflix wants to do isn’t technically possible or at least not foolproof so we’re safe for now. Check out this article with more details on this [Here]

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Mark, yes and no. Its not going to be possible for Netflix to get everyone. But they can get the majority. The popular DNS service provider IP’s are known and will be blocked. Chances are you may fall into that hole. The solution then is to go with smaller providers but the performance will suck. Good luck and fingers crossed.

yeah but from what i read if they do get blocked all they need to do is change the ip and it will be unblocked again until netflix blocks the new ip, repeat cycle. so a cat and mouse game which netflix wouldn’t be able to win.

The point is the big players use a small range of IP’s and optimize it for performance. They do not market their VPN service to be used as we do (though they know what we’re upto) The point is Netflix will win the cat and mouse game if they really want to – as IP’s as in shortage and they cannot randomly add new ranges without compromising on performance. That’s where the smaller players come in and best of luck to us if it comes to that.

My friend is in Europe and it gives him an error message when he tries to use a DNS. But then eventually it works anyway? I dunno.

Is it illegal in Kuwait to use a VPN like Hola un blocker add on in google chrome ,please explain about this.

All they have to do is add a second level of geo-blocking, similar to what Amazon does with Prime video, like strict enforcement of the US credit card requirement and that will immediately lock out a big percentage of non-US users. Of course there will always be workarounds, but Netflix has to show the content copyright holders that it is doing something to protect the distribution rights even if it’s not 100% foolproof.

They say that going forward they are negotiating global rights for all the content that they license, so the lack of content in their regional services should be a only short term issue.
The way I see it, at least Netflix is doing something for people in this part of the world unlike others like Spotify.

Far as I know, Amazon uses both IP and credit card to block viewing of Amazon Prime Video outside the US. Back when I had a VPN I couldn’t stream any Amazon Prime video. I currently don’t have a VPN so I can’t test. However, a quick google search showed dozens of websites with guides on how to bypass Amazon’s US card requirement, so there’s got to be something to it.

Playstation Network uses IP blocking for Video but don’t care what region you’re in for the games. I buy US games from Kuwait but can’t buy movies.

US Netflix is good, but US+Canada+Netherlands+UK = a ton more movies and shows than US alone.

They cannot geo-block, they don’t want to geo block, they don’t really care, but they have to be seen making an effort so the content providers calm down.

Im using strongdns, I get a message on netflix saying its not available. However, hulu works. Please suggest any alternate for strongdns. Thanks.

I work in an ISP. And ever since Netflix came to Kuwait, (which we knew was gonna happen due to the fact that they placed their servers in Dubai a few months back) we’ve talking to them about content, the only reason that the content is not the same is that they are making subtitles for all their content. Which takes time. If u notice on the Kuwaiti store everything has Arabic and English sub’s. Some even have Arabic audio. This takes just some time and the content is being updated on a daily bases. They are a very professional company to say the least. And they came block DNS and VPN. From a technical point of view it came be done.

This is part of the issue. The main problem is licensing. They do not own some licenses of their shows in the US to use in MENA.

Super annoyed at the fact that I can no longer access Greys Anatomy via Netflix Kuwait (it worked last week) but a wonderful and very graphic documentary on What happens after Porn is readily available. Urgh! Netflix in Kuwait problems.

Hulu did that already but VPN found a way around it. I used to watch Hulu by logging from locations like New York, Boston, Los Angelos, etc. One day, I started to get a message on the screen telling me that I can’t access Hulu from my current location. I contacted ExpressVPN and asked them about it. They asked me to follow few steps and change a couple of numbers in my proxies and connect through New Jersey and 2 other regions that I totally forgot. They said Hulu is blocking VPN but they can’t block them all. So I am hoping if this happens in the future with Netflix, VPN companies will find a solution. Netflix Kuwait SUCKS! 🙂

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