Short Film: The Proliferation of Sin

Post by Mark

‘The Proliferation of Sin’ is a short locally produced 8 minute film re-telling the story of Cain and Abel but shown in a more modern way. The film was shot, directed and edited by movie maker Mahmoud Hayat while the cast was formed by a talented group of theater and film actors called Icarus Productions. They worked on this short film for months rehearsing the fight scene and searching for a location to film. Check out the film above or on [YouTube]

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  1. Adam says:

    Brilliant,,, i enjoyed this :)

  2. d'fine says:

    if it was not for his annoying voice..

  3. Arrgh says:


    Excellent audio.

  4. Ali says:

    Considering all the biblical references and the hymns,Do they happen to be Christian? I am interested in the Kuwaiti Christian community, theres very little we know of them..

    • JH says:

      Interesting take on the christian thing. but sorry no; we (the group behind this short film) are not christian. I am sure you agree that it doesnt really matter what we are to be honest; we chose to base this on the Christian story simply because it has more of an international feel, and we could find more sources to base this story on.

      We prefer to see this as a simple take on a story of two brothers much more than an actual religious event that took place and had slightly different story lines in different religions. Although you are right we do not get to see much of the Kuwaiti Christian Community, we really should though.

  5. JH says:

    Thanks for the comments all, greatly appreciated, we really hope you enjoyed it

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