Big D – Youth is running out

Post by Mark

Big D is back with a new video and a new message. With this song he speaks out on the youth of today and child labor around the world. He teamed up with UK’s Illusive for this track. [YouTube]

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  1. G says:

    Super like …

  2. Khaled says:

    Very creative, I really liked this one Big D is improving by the minute. Dope, good job bro keep it up!

  3. Bader says:

    KGR…Great message Big D I love your music bro

  4. KuwaitPrincess says:

    I luv this :) ;) is Big D Kuwaiti? Where can I find all his music?

  5. Ali says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I still think its pretty shit

    • M2M says:

      LoooooL,I (kind of) agree , but I wouldnt put it that way.

      I dont like this type of songs, but I definitely Love the girl’s voice.

      • Ali says:

        That was actually one of the worst aspects of the song. Especially when you consider the fact that they stole *coughs* I mean sampled it from another artist.
        A relatively unknown artist, no less.

        Throw in a few half assed rap lyrics and disturbing clips of impoverished children doing stuff and you’ll get this song in a nutshell. Frankly, Big D and that obscure chav (Or Illusive, as he’d like to be called) would’ve been better off making a charitable donation instead of an exploitative music video.

        Then again, this is just one guy’s opinion.

        • AN says:

          well said mate

        • DJ Felix says:

          YO D, its your boy DJ Felix I want to speak to these haters on your behalf, As a fan of your work, I would like to say to the trolls here this actually proves Kuwait knows nothing about hip hop. D used a sample that is not called “Stealing” you dumb idiots! He probably had the beat done and used a really nice sample which he liked for the hook and all great artists do that for instance the song (2Pac featuring Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight) – Phil Collins originally made a song called “In The Air Tonight” then 2Pac took a sample of it, they did not truly collaborate, what about Notorious B.I.G Ft. Bob Marley – Hold Ya Head, do you think Biggie collaborated with Bob Marley? No they used Bob’s voice as a sample, all great rappers have used samples of other great artists in their work it is called a recreation, using a sample for a new purpose, he is modernizing a old hook and he used it as a sample to bring out his message, Maybe he did that because that hook was catchy to him, which proves your a idiot when you see it as “stealing” and proves you know nothing about Hip Hop! It is like saying All rappers in the world are thieves because each great rapper before used a sample you dumb fool! So what about those “Arabs in Paris” guys? Did they steal that hook from Jay Z? no the instrumental can be found everywhere on YouTube for rappers to spit on! You see all of you haters are just hating not being honest! Just say that you hate D, not his work, because you hate the fact he is a successful Kuwaiti artist and you have never done anything creative in your lives like he did, But that is Kuwait… They would like commercial stuff and look at it as real instead of giving props to the actual good stuff, Kuwait is the type of place where PSY that GANGNAM STYLE dude is considered a talented true artist, but Mozart would be a untalented fool to them, That is how they judge music down here, where a song like “Youth is runnin’ out” with such a positive meaning gets destroyed by your stupid remarks!

          • Ali says:

            AY YO DJ FELIX. ITS YO BOY AY-LEE! Where do you get off making assumptions about my musical taste purely based on the fact that I didn’t like his music? Those artists used beats and hooks from VERY WELL KNOWN songs making it obvious that they used that music to enhance their own. Big D used a chorus from an unknown artist as part of his music without any indication whatsoever that it was sampled.
            I didn’t like his music because I found it to be an ugly song that clung on to a prominent issue like a parasite and made absolutely no effort to actually do anything in regards to it (you know, other than producing a song, if you can call it that). But hey, don’t take my word for it! After all, I’m just ” a idiot”

  6. Don says:

    I’m glad someone is shedding light on this serious issue. Keep spreading your message so the World can hear!

  7. deathgram says:

    where are the roaring people?! he said fuck in front of a playground full of kids!


  8. Miles says:

    Nice beat good message, keep it pumpin!

  9. Patty says:

    I like the beat and the lyrics really makes you think about the state of the World and youth.

  10. Greg G says:

    Yeah it seems youth is runnin out, some places faster than others.

  11. Amal says:

    Great work..Nice awareness and good music..Keep up the god workk..

  12. TedW says:

    awesome beat and the lyrics are so real!! KEEP IT UP and DONT LISTEN TO THESE HATERS!!!

  13. Mixalis Marias says:

    Inspired clip and excellent lyrics. A solid song structure with a variety in lyrics and melody. Vocals are great, recording is excellent and the underlying message is strong enough to satisfy the new song. Great work Big D, keep it up.

  14. Mahesh says:

    Its really amazing that it is entirely different from others. excellent performance and excellent song.

  15. Jothiesvaraa says:

    I really oppose child laboring in some countries. It is so hurtful, they should be given free education by their respective government. Anyways, really touched my heart. I like your the connections. Totally awesome.

  16. sajeena says:

    Big D is back. This is superb video. I liked it.

  17. naveed ahmed sami says:

    it was a aaawsoome, according to me

  18. reza says:

    thanks for sharing it was good to me…

  19. mactina1988 says:

    Nice, Good Work & Good music. I like it.

  20. dragonfly says:

    I like the lyrics a lot.. reminds me of my childhood dreams of eradicating child labor in my country!

  21. Nadim says:

    I am glad to hear about it.

  22. anne says:

    great job! The message is good and will inspire everyone. keep it up.

  23. Dognite says:

    Good flow dude, keep doing wat u do!

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