Dabruck & Klein – 2:48AM

Post by Mark

I don’t know who these guys are but they just released a song called 2:48AM and their video is in black and white with my blogs magenta as the only color. Hence forth from this day forward, 2:48AM by Dabruck & Klein will be the blogs official song. [YouTube]

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  1. xeonali says:

    it should be ur official ringtone also ..

  2. Phoenix says:

    what are the odds?

  3. ltv says:

    they have another version of the same album on http://www.dabruckandklein.com/

  4. Akbar says:

    This techno. music rocks!

  5. Buzz says:

    Do I smell a copyright infringement lawsuit? Nah…

  6. MYK says:

    LOL, what are the odds!?
    Oh and stop calling Pink “Magenta” :p

  7. MousePotato says:

    Hope this is the last music post of 248AM at least for this month.

  8. Dave says:

    Man, whats the odds, a little to high to me, sounds like someone paid somebody to highlight their site in the video…hmmm

  9. vampire says:

    wow,, this is super cool
    Congrats Mark

  10. topgun says:

    Hey,need your help guys.has kuwait blocked reddit?
    I cant seem to access it,this sucks:(

  11. Abdul says:

    this is good

  12. Babar says:

    Mark ! At least you should take these guys for a dinner…………. :-)

  13. sallom says:

    Nice song, seen it before.

  14. daily says:

    No I think you need to sue for copyright- yeah.

  15. LOL the music colors are the exact same as your blog ! Pink+Black !! :p

  16. Burhan says:

    OMG the VFX

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