Giveaway: Win Two Tickets to the Kuwait Rising Music Festival

Post by Mark

Kuwait Rising is an alternative Arab music festival which is going to be held in Kuwait this coming weekend (Jan 30) and feature artists from around the world including Bei Ru, Omar Offendum, Zeid Hamdan, Maii Waleed, Z The People, El Jehaz and Hasan Hujairi. The event is hosted by Zahed Sultan at the new DAI in Yarmouk with limited tickets costing KD20 each each.


248AM has teamed up with Zahed Sultan to giveaway two festival tickets to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter the draw is leave a comment below mentioning the brand of the energy drink in the flyer above.

I will stop accepting entries in the comments section by Tuesday at midnight and then randomly choose one winner and notify them via email.

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond, another winner will be randomly chosen.

Update: I closed the post for entries and using the winner was #38 which is Nour AlKawass. I won’t be drawing a second back up number since I actually know the winner and have already contacted her.


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130 comments, add your own...

  1. Firas says:

    I’m in

  2. Bassem says:

    Red Bull

  3. Bilal says:

    wow..will be happy to attend..

  4. Fatima says:

    Red bull!

    I want to win!

  5. Tenjot Sabharwal says:

    Red bull

  6. Ebrahim says:

    Hope I get to win this, redbull! :)

  7. MousePotato says:


  8. Michelle says:

    Redbull…. :-)

  9. Abhijit says:

    I want to go. And the energy drink is Redbull!!

  10. Mazen says:

    Red bull

  11. Murtaza ahmed says:

    I would really like to visit this music festival. The energy drink mentioned in the flyer is REDBULL :)

  12. Rachael Lopez says:


  13. Nixon says:

    Red Bull

  14. Tarek J says:

    Red Bull

  15. Al says:

    Red Bull.

  16. Amr says:

    Great Event Red Bull

  17. NADEEM ARSHAD says:

    Red Bull

  18. Mirka says:

    Red Bull! And let’s rock it ;-)))))

  19. Kevin says:

    Red Bull

  20. ivan says:


  21. AbeerT says:

    Red Bull

  22. jaffy says:

    Red Bull!

  23. Teeni says:

    I’ve been dying to go, and gimme a yummy REDBULL to drink while I’m there! :P

  24. Rasha says:

    Red bull

  25. ElH says:

    Red Bull

  26. Husayn says:

    Red Bull

  27. Matthew says:

    Red Bull

  28. Abdullah Ali says:

    Red Bull

  29. Tareq says:

    Red bull

  30. omar says:

    Red Bull

  31. jawad topagi says:

    red bull

  32. Abdul says:

    Red Bull

  33. I’m gonna need Wings to reach there hehe! #RedBull

  34. Ali says:

    Red Bull

  35. Rahul says:


  36. Luna says:

    Red bull!

  37. Babu says:

    Red Bull !!

  38. Carol says:

    Red Bull

  39. Antoni says:

    Red Bull

  40. Joao says:

    Red Bull

  41. Ziad says:

    Red Bull

  42. zaydoun says:

    You could’ve made it a tad tougher than “Red Bull” :-)

  43. Gaz Jr. says:

    Red Bull

  44. Manabry says:

    lucky number slevin :P

  45. Kulayeb says:

    Red bull

  46. Reem says:

    Red Bull

  47. Miroslawa says:

    Red Bull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Naseem says:

    RebBull , hope that i can win

  49. Joe says:

    Red Bull

  50. Santhosh says:

    Red Bull

  51. Yacoub says:

    Red Bull

  52. Noor Zahid says:

    Red bull

  53. Abdullah says:

    Red Bull and thank you for the opportunity Mark good going brother ;)

  54. Jerry says:

    Red bull

  55. Glider says:


  56. Jason says:

    Red Bull

  57. JD says:

    Red Bull !!!

  58. Kirsten says:

    red bull!!! Pick me!!!!

  59. Dave says:

    Red Bull

  60. Sherif says:

    Red Bull

  61. totoannhilation says:

    Red Bull

  62. Maha says:

    Just spent the past 12 minutes of my life researching if Red Bull is halal or not.

  63. VJ says:


  64. ED says:

    Red Bull
    Cheers !

  65. sdk says:

    RED BULL will take me to see OFFUNDUM one of the best arab rappers !!!

  66. Amir Rana says:


  67. Queen says:

    Lets try!

  68. Mike says:

    Red Bull

  69. MS says:

    red bull

  70. Yousef says:

    Red Bull

  71. George says:


  72. Karan says:

    Red Bull!

    if i win, i’ll be happy to donate one ticket to that “Kuwaiti Trail Mix” guy. these guys are no Arjit Singh(?) but hey! atleast he’s gonna save that KD 20!

  73. Queen says:

    Red bull gives u wingssssss!!!!!

  74. Shaza says:

    Red Bull

  75. Eli says:


  76. salma says:


  77. neoark says:

    Red Bull… with chili paper? xD j/k

  78. Nada says:

    Red Bull

  79. Zahraa says:

    Red Bull

  80. Shibu says:

    Red Bull

  81. Reginald says:

    Redbull, best of luck.

  82. Linda McAllister says:

    Red Bull

  83. Lisa Edwards says:

    Red Bull

  84. Faisal says:

    Red Bull

  85. Faisal says:

    Good Luck Every One !

  86. Rasha Slaton says:

    Red Bull

  87. Jerin says:

    Red bull Good work to conduct such a feast

  88. Binu Cherian says:

    Red Bull

  89. Omair Habib says:


  90. Nathan Eubanks says:


  91. Jerin Jose says:

    Red Bull

  92. Michelle says:


  93. Michelle says:

    Redbull. Thx.

  94. Wael says:

    Red Bull

  95. Syam says:

    It’s Red bull, please send me our tickets ;-)

  96. syam says:

    It’s Red Bull… Please send us our tickets ;-)

  97. Nancy N. says:

    Red Bull.

  98. Safe says:

    Red Bull

  99. GoodMorningMrBond says:

    Red Bull!

  100. Thansal Abdul Basheer says:

    RED BULL !!!

  101. Sikander says:

    Red Bull

  102. Alan says:


  103. Ms.Neutral says:

    Red Bull :)

  104. SVG says:

    introduce me to Arabic music!!
    Red Bull

  105. william says:

    Red Bull

  106. syedq8 says:

    Red Bull….

  107. faisal says:

    ريد بول

  108. Noura says:

    Red bull, pick me

  109. OSC says:


  110. Maala Thomas says:


  111. Anup Thomas says:

    Red Bull

  112. Sanda says:

    Red Bull

  113. Eman says:

    Red Bull

  114. Maria Gonsalves says:

    Red Bull – Energy Tonic Drinks which Gives You Wings.

  115. Stas says:

    Red bull

  116. Hans says:

    Red Bull


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