iDog for the iPod

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This would look really cool on my desk at work, plus its going to be cheap. It won’t replace my fantasy of owning an Aibo, but it will do until I could afford one. Can’t wait for to start selling them, here it a bit of info on the iDog:

The iDog is capable of changing its feelings from happy to angry by moving it’s ears and rotating the head and by changing the color of the 7 LED lights on its head. The idog music bot has stored music sequences and melodies it will play based on the interaction with its sensors. For instance it gets happy when users touch its ears and pad on its head. It gets surprised when users touch its nose or wave in front of him. The Sega iDog will become angry when users touch its tail. A MP3 Player like the iPod can be attached to the iDog via 3.5mm audio cable. IT has a mono-speaker built-in. A microphone is also present in the iDog.

Its supposed to be released in North America in the Fall of 2005 by Hasbro and should cost $29.99. If you can’t wait that long, AudioCubes is carrying the Japanese version but for $89. Here is a link to the Japanese iDog website.

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  1. a.l. says:

    I’ve got the hasbro one. It’s pretty good! The speakers are clear, and on rare occasions it’ll display more than 2 colors when I play music. Although, normally it only displays 2. It’s motors (if thats what you call them) are quiet. Also has thinner ears and head. Its also got rubber puppy paws on its front and back legs. Right now I wanna perchase the Sega version and see the difference between the two. Some have been saying sega is better?

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