MC Element – Faith in Me


Kuwaiti rapper MC Element has a new music vide out called Faith in Me. If you like his album is available to download for free from [Here]

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Glad you liked it! There won’t be anymore from him for a while as he has flown to San Fran but a few other people from his crew have some sweet stuff coming out soon. Thanks for the feature.

i opend this and i thought to my self…oh god another gay sorry ass dude trying to be black n walks around like a thug what a sad story…
DUDE this guy is good…. he got rhythm flow and the beat dymn… this guy got a future…and he is dymn good…chase your dream dude..respect big time…

I’m sure there’s some sort deeper meaning behind this song, but all I could make out was “LOOK AT THIS MEASLY TATTOO ON MY WRIST, I’M DRIFTING ON A PURPLE CHALLENGER. CHASE YOUR DREAMS, FUCK. MANLY HAND GESTURES AND TIRE SMOKE.”

I hate to admit it, and I would never have otherwise…

But this guy isn’t half bad. 99.9% of all music vids from local ‘artists’ are pure utter shit. This guy isn’t.

One issue though, the beat is the same as every other kuwaiti ‘artists’ beat. I guess they must get it from all the same place or same producer. Must be the alien producers or whatever they call themselves these days…

Yeah a lot of them do sound similar. I think they buy them from websites and stuff. The album has a nice variety though. Glad you liked the video. Iam trying to highlight good artists and look good doing it.

Same crap, different person I think. And when will people stop giving them selfs adrenaline through music? Its no different from drugs really.

Just hope this blog accepts positive and negative opinions.

You are an irrational hater whose hatred is self generating and unfounded.

Personally, my favorite part was when everyone joined MC Element at the dining table for some synchronized head bobbing. It made a lot of sense and looked very cool.

So people cant dislike anything? And we have to walk around with rainbows over our heads?

Get real and accept criticism.

man i have huge respect for this guy, i have been watching his videos since some time, i am not in kuwait anymore but i used to be in the hip hop scene anyway back in the day sound so weak in front of this guy, anyways wish him the best, i am sure he can do something with these skills

From all the wanna-be Kuwaiti rappers, this is the best I’ve heard. To be honest, the video sucks, but the rap is alright, not bad. His rap isn’t very cheesy, it’s good.

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