New Music Video: Timmycatdog – Flower power

Post by Mark

Timmycatdog (Taymour Khajah) has a new music video out for his track “Flower Power”. The video also features appearances by Mosab, The Goddess Dalal and Turk Himself. If you like the track you can follow Taymour on instagram @timmycatdog

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  1. vefvverv says:

    What the fuck was that, bad uni project?!!!

  2. Patagucci says:

    He’s extremely talented but he needs better videos than this.

    Good first effort though.

  3. anonz says:

    cringy first half

  4. Timmycatdog says:

    Thanks for the share brother!
    It was a fun little project with a song that deserved visuals. Many more to come <3

  5. ibn al-jazeera says:

    Stick to your day job.

  6. Cringe says:

    Is this what happens when you trip acid?

  7. Bu_Jassem says:

    weirdest part when he bangs the Coca cola Machine, obviously he is mentally unstable.

  8. Ipsom says:

    So what kind of music genre does this fit into?

  9. qwerty says:

    YES TIMMYCATDOG! So proud of you for doing something productive with your time in a place as dull and dispiriting as Kuwait. You’re on to bigger and better things

  10. Omar says:

    Timmy is one of the most talented musicians in this country. Yes, the video is not perfect, but still effort, time and money were put into making it. There’s no need for you to be sarcastic or mean.

    How do you expect musicians (or anyone for that matter) to grow without providing proper feedback and support? Instead of trying to tear people down with your snarky comments, either provide constructive feedback in a positive manner to help them grow or say nothing at all. Is it really that hard to be decent?

  11. Omar zuriqi says:

    Thanks everyone for the support and all the wonderful feedback from so many people
    I appreciate the honesty as well 🙏🏻 More and more is coming as taymour said.
    @ozphotography1 check out my instagram page for future projects.

  12. Ibn says:

    Timmy? Why is he called Timmy? Is his name Timothy? What does the stage name Timmycatdog mean to you?

    This shit right here………is FUBAR son.

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