On My Way – Sons of Yusuf

Post by Mark

Sons of Yusuf released the music video above a few days ago but what caught my attention was the background where the video was shot. I knew the video was shot in Kuwait but the location looked like one of those old gas stations you might find outside an old U.S. town. After a bit of digging around it looks like a guy in Kuwait built this backdrop on his property to park his vintage American muscle car outside it. Check it out in the picture below and again in the music video above.

Picture from @kingdome.co and video by @miniaturemalekpour_

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  1. Dave says:

    That video was cool. Love everything about it. Those guys are great! Just the right mix of everything in my opinion.

  2. SH says:

    Mashallah, they are gifted. 90’s vibes all over this one, would mix well with Nas – “if I ruled the world.”

    They’ll be at AUK today at 2:30 for those interested.

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