Reminder: Sting Tickets on Sale at 1PM

Post by Mark

Quick reminder, if you want tickets to the Sting concert, they’ll be going back on sale today at 1PM. Here is the [Link]


Update: Tickets went on sale at 1PM with no drama. The website is functioning fine and 20 minutes after launch and there are still a ton of seats available.

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  1. Evez says:

    Still loading…. loading… loading

  2. Sam says:

    I managed to book 2 seats next to each other, and when I got the tickets the seat numbers are 17 and 19. is that normal? does anyone know

  3. Ed says:

    Anyone else notice that the show duration went from 2 hours initially to 1.30 hours?

    Not cool JACC…

  4. Ali says:

    I got mine with no troubles (50 KD Bronze ones). I think if you’re registered with JACC from previous ticket purchases, it goes quite smoothly.
    If anyone wants to see a Sting set list from a concert he gave earlier this month, check this link:

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