Russ Concert is Back On

Post by Mark

For those of you interested, the Russ concert is back on next month. Originally Russ had backed out of the concert after seeing how much the promoter was charging for the tickets, but now it looks like he backed down from his stance and the concert is back on.

The ticket prices were reduced slightly but not by that much:

VIP – KD250 KD225
Gold – KD200 KD180
Silver – KD150 KD135
Bronze – KD100 KD90
Normal – KD50 KD45

For more information and a link to the tickets, click [Here]

Thanks Mubarak

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  1. Mj says:

    If you can afford these prices, then i’m sure you can afford to go see him abroad and not wait for “opportunity” to see him. I don’t get why promoters in the region charge so much.

    • Mark says:


      high venue costs + small number of people u can fit in the venue + high cost of bringing over an artist from abroad + local population which can afford to spend so much.

  2. Mubarak AlSulaiti says:

    “Thanks Mubarak”

    No problem, Mark. :)

  3. zaydoun says:

    Those prices are even higher than Sting!!!!

  4. D says:

    Who the hell is he? *damn I’m getting old* walks away.

  5. Mishal says:

    oldest story in the book:
    promoter: these are the ticket prices
    Artist: too expensive, im looking out for my fans – backing out!
    Promoter: i’ll reduce the price by 10%
    artist: still too much
    promoter: you’ll get a cut of the higher prices
    artist: give me the mic :)

  6. R says:

    Who gives a Russ?

  7. Az says:

    I think the tickets price is tooooo over lim a kid I can’t tech this the lowest ticket is cost 150$ and the highest price is 750$ in this price I can go with my family to this concert I think if every singer refused to sing and to put his conditions for every concert no one can think to be greed even so I tried to buy the lowest ticket 150$ but it was all sold out I think we know way that’s can teenagers handle it

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