Sting is Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

The popular musician Sting is coming next month to perform in Kuwait. He will be performing at JACC over a period of two days. As if this post tickets are yet to go on sale, according to their website they’ll be on sale on Thursday, November 23rd (tomorrow) at 1PM.

I’d expect the tickets to sell out fast so if you’re interested in getting tickets, you should probably do so as soon as they go on sale. For more information, click [Here]

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  1. EJ says:

    Thanks Mark for letting us know. :)

  2. cajie says:

    Just wow!!.

  3. Kevin says:

    As if this post ;)

  4. Bobby says:

    Wondering…if this also ends up like Yanni’s show- No tickets! in less than 10 seconds!

  5. cajie says:

    Site is unresponsive.

  6. cajie says:

    People should move to adaptive services like Amazon AWS, where capacity can be increased for specific days (such as today), while for the rest of the time, it is just a static website.
    That will make it a level playing ground for all. Now, by the time I am able to log in to the website, the tickets will probably be over.

  7. Sandy says:

    How much were the tickets ….?

  8. Desert Rose says:

    What a sting?! If Sting- the Man himself is here can Adele be far behind?

  9. William Alphonso says:

    Since the inception of The Police in the late seventies, I find myself still glued to listening to Sting’s music, not only because Sting is a good songwriter, but the reggae-rock-jazz trio played tunes that were improvised with creativity throughout their tenure. Each member of The Police was highly experienced and so, the end result was 5 brilliant studio albums with diverse musical styles. Andy Summers – a great guitarist, and Stewart Copeland – probably the best drummer/percussionist I’ve heard since John Bonham. Sting’s solo career till date was full of risk taking, experimenting with new ideas, for which, he is highly respected. His new album ’57th & 9th’ proves that he still has the fire to rock although his voice does not sound the same as before. Having said that, he’s a great entertainer, and I must say that I’ve replayed his songs a million times and enjoyed them. His musical ideas and ability to create tunes spontaneously has always amazed me! I hope he plays “Inshallah” from his new album in Kuwait; it’s a great song, other than “Desert Rose” which was a big hit in the Arab world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to see him live!!!

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