The Kuwait Underground

The Kuwait Underground was an event that was recently held at Camp Arifjan. It featured an all star lineup of local rappers and acts, most of whom I previously posted about on the blog. The line up featured: O-Zone, B-EZ, DJ Africa, Big D, Trackdealaz, Hera, I am Jay Jay, Ag D Fox, Doss, Electrik Crew, PK Jagaurs, Gran Milli and Zay Dun. The video is a behind the scenes look leading up to the performances that night. [YouTube]

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Lets see, useless video of useless and utterly failed rappers on fieldtrip, isn’t there anything worth mentioning!?


this is such an embarassing video highlighting the fail that is kuwaiti youth attempting to adopt another cultures “music scene”. They sound terrible, their lyrics suck, their accents are thicker than syrup. This is delusion at its finest.

Kuwait gangsta rapping.. pff gtfo plz

Haha holy sh** the level of douchebaggery and trolling on this site is unbelievable. One their were more than just Kuwaiti rappers. There were singers and dancers as well as traceurs. It wasn’t a field trip. It was a shopw put on by Kuwaitis and people who live in Kuwait to show their appreciation for the US Troops here. Also the troops enjoyed it very much. The turnout was near 500 people and most stayed to watch the entire show andto meet the performers after. They performers also did interviews for US Media while there as ell as a public service announcement on safety. What have you retards done lately?

The above comments are the very reason for the plight of artists, musicians and performers in Kuwait. Insecure, ill-advised, elitist event goers who believe it is their God given right to only see world class performances in their back yards.

If you’re not going to support or encourage local talent, do us all a favour and stay in your own consolidation of ignorance.

For all you under achievers who alway have something negative to say, lets see your best rhyme, lets see your best dance moves, or hell lets see you get on stage and be a DJ as i am. Its people like you who make this world the way it is,….. freaking sorry!!!! These guys worked very hard on this to have fun and entertain the U.S Troops here in Kuwait just as other artist have done so in the past. If you have nothing nice to say then dont say SHIT!!!! This is the reason why Kuwait will remain in the dark people. Stop the Bucket of Crab effect and show some damn respect and support for your fellow countrymen and women!!!!!!

Wouldn’t that be bucket of fried chicken effect?With a little grape or orange soda on the side?

Of course there were 500 people showing up, they had nothing else to do and being trapped on AJ they would watch just about anything happening. You guys don’t know what the soldiers had to say after you left. I saw the preview on tv in the PX and the only thing I saw was some ex-contractors who were probably fired for alcohol and have taken up rapping, music Dj and teaching classes on how to be a gangsta to the Kuwaiti guys who hang around Sabarro in Salmiya.

Most of the guys have not graduated high school and work in the military and in their free time they drive low riders on Gulf street looking for foreign chicks who think they are cool as the Kuwaiti chicks are like “yeah right, no Ferrari no love”. They are obsessed with Eminem and Bones, Thugs and Harmony but in reality these guys are posers. Have any of them been to Compton or Los Angeles? Ever been shot at? Mmmm… don’t think you can get shot at in Salmiya but who knows.

They throw underground parties, drink alcohol and smoke hash because they don’t have weed. I wonder what they would do if they were dropped off in the middle of gang territory in the US?

WTF is “Stop the Bucket of Crab” effect? 1 out of 5 cars in Kuwait has a DJ nickname sticker on their cars because every loser wants to be a DJ. Go to school and become a doctor and everyone will be proud of you unlike being a doctor of mixology you can’t cure anything with that title.

LOL Not all rappers are gangster FYI … Hmmm educate yourself maybe ? and we wonder what’s the problem in Kuwait , as soon as someone that is Kuwaiti and Talented comes out he /she is automatically put down , I wonder why people like this have the time to come on to blogs and put others down .. maybe because you don’t have a passion or a talent ? If you don’t like what you hear or see than keep on scrolling I assure you no one in this video will stop doing what they do because of a few low life haters with too much time on their hands .
We representing Kuwait and for that we are proud at least we try to get our countries name out there, unlike people who sit on their asses and do nothing .
It’s sad to say that most of our support comes from outside of Kuwait Yes We have followers from all over the world each and every rapper and dancer you just saw in the video and they all love and have a new found respect for Kuwait because of people like us that are not afraid to be who they are and express themselves through Music .
Unless you have had the talent to write , produce and sing or spit your on rhymes on a stage I suggest you take a long hard look at yourselves .
500 troops showed up and they all enjoyed it not because they had nothing better to do .. don’t forget those are the women and men that fought for our freedom and Yes believe it or not they do have better things to do but sadly they are more supportive than most locals here .

Also to the homeboy that said that our Accents are thicker than Syrup nice try with the metaphor i see we inspired you a little with our little rap thang but honey if you have noticed there were American rappers up there .. and for the fried chicken joke It comes to show pure ignorance we all come from different backgrounds , Speaking of gangsters I know a few people from my state that would bust a cap in your ass for saying that shit .. so don’t even try with the gangsta shit if you ain’t gangsta your damn self .
As I previously mentioned it is haters that keep us going so please keep hating .

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