Vinyl Players at Rocket World

Post by Mark

If you’re in the market for record players I spotted a few for sale at Rocket World in Shuwaikh. They’re carrying the GPO brand which I hadn’t heard of before but going by their website they seem to make a variety of retro products.

I wrote the prices down to share in the post but I can’t seem to find them, so sorry about that. Anyway, if you don’t know Rocket World, it’s a store in Shuwaikh across from Vol.1 that sells random trinkets. They’re on instagram @rocketworldkw

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  1. AFK says:

    Look harder dude!

  2. salem alfaqaan says:

    I have been looking for a vinyl player in Kuwait for a few years and I couldn’t find one anywhere so when I was visiting Bahrain I happen to find a vinyl player there so I bought it only to find out xcite brought some and now this place has some too fml.

  3. Jj says:

    Do they also sell records ?

  4. jean says:

    Not for an audiophile but for a casual listener

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